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Experimental Electro Popper Alexander Ross-Iver presents “Cry For You”

Experimental Electro Popper Alexander Ross-Iver presents “Cry For You”
Experimental Electro Popper Alexander Ross-Iver Ready for Mainstream Success with “Cry For You” Single co-produced by multi-genre producer John McLaughlin (Echo & The Bunnymen, Mick Jones, Westlife, Boyzone)

(New York, NY) – October 8th, 2014 

“Alex Ross-Iver blends the danceability of A-ha with the brashness of The White Stripes.”WeirdMusic

The MuseBox today announced the release of“Cry For You,” the first of a series of singles from alternative electronica and indie-pop songwriter Alexander Ross-Iver. “Cry For You” was written by the Eastern-European Georgia native Ross-Iver and co-produced by multi-genre producer John McLaughlin (Echo & The Bunnymen, Mick Jones, Westlife, Boyzone). Called by​​ “one of the most innovative exponents of electronic experimentalism to have come out of Eastern Europe,” Ross-Iver has released several seminal electro pop recordings over the past decade. More information on Ross-Iver, “Cry For You,” and Ross-Iver’s other soon-to-be-released tracks is available on his official site.

According to, Ross-Iver is the type of “exceptional artist capable of breaking ground, forging ahead of the masses, and emerging as an unclassified leader.” In a world dominated by one dimensional pop music, Alex Ross-Iver defines everything that a music maverick should be.

Ross-Iver’s label is considered one of the most innovative exponents of avant garde electro pop. With musical soulmates such as Brian Eno, Phillip Glass, The Knife, and Kraftwerk, Ross-Iver has consistently pushed the boundaries of experimentalism.

In 2013, Ross-Iver’s track “4 Room Song” was remixed by Carlos Peron, founder of Moby favorites Yello. With the release of “Cry For You,” Ross-Iver is now on the verge of finding widespread appreciation among those seeking thought-provoking music that runs contrary to musical trends and passing fashions.

John McLaughlin co-produced “Cry For You.” He is a multi-dimensional writer, producer, and manager who has worked with a wide range of established artists in both the rock and pop genres, including Mick Jones, Shane MacGowan, Echo & The Bunnymen, 911, Gary Barlow, Kim Wilde, Westlife, and Boyzone.

According to an article on, McLaughlin is currently working with up and coming British artists Gamu (X-factor), Beth Sherburn, TJ Bilham, Sam Callahan, Supanova and Carrie Mac, as well as the recently re-united 911.

McLaughlin was thrilled to work on “Cry For You,” noting that with the song, Ross-Iver had “channeled the spirit of Brian Eno and David Bowie.”


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For more info on Alex Ross-Iver, visit the his social media: OFFICIAL SITE  |  TWITTER  |  FACEBOOK
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