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SoundCloud Music Reviews: Flaviyake – Electronic Boy [Electronic Pop]

SoundCloud Music Reviews: Flaviyake – Electronic Boy [Electronic Pop]

SoundCloud Music Reviews: Flaviyake - Electronic Boy [Electronic Pop]

SoundCloud Music Reviews: Flaviyake - Electronic Boy [Electronic Pop] SoundCloud Music Reviews: Flaviyake – Electronic Boy [Electronic Pop]

Electronic pop is becoming increasingly popular with electronic festivals taking place all throughout the world every year and millions of independent electronic tracks online. The world of electronic music has seen some eccentric characters, as this is the forum of experimentation and mixing up all genres of music to make for some very freestyle and unique musical experiences. One such example of this is Flaviyake, a London-based electro pop artist.

Words cannot begin to describe the levels of cool quirkiness in this artist. The image I had in mind was an alien version of the famous cartoon character, Heidi. Sweet and whimsical meets cyber-ish. In some ways she seems highly futuristic and in other ways, she seems to be drifting back to the 80’s. Somehow this combination works and listening to her music, one almost thinks they get it.

Flaviyake has made it her mission to bring creativity to a new level in all her work.Listening to a range of her songs, one will notice a pattern of certain sweetness underneath, layered with darker tones and definitely feistiness.

Although her instrumentals make use of all the latest electronic music devices, her lyrics and phrasing remind me a little of the nineties Wiccan girls. If you a come across the television show, Charmed in the nineties, you will know what I am talking about.

That said, her love of alien fantasy does seem to peak through with a very dreamy far away feel in the midst of all the modern business.

In her latest song “Electronic Boy”, her style is much more fast-paced. It sounds more of a disco song than an electronic pop song. It’s not quite the easy listening, but something that requires you to listen more than once.

The beginning of the song, for me, is reminiscent of the nineties hit: I’m a Barbie Girl. One could almost imagine a Japanese version of this video. It is energetic, like Madonna meets Barbie- on caffeine.

It is the song that actually grows on you the more you listen to it. The first time was a little too busy, but at the second to third listen, the subtle instrumental nuances start to emerge and it actually proves to be quite catchy. The lyrics of the song are about a boy lost in his world of electronics, “My electronic boy, give up your gadgets boy”, the artists frustration quite apparent.

Fans of Flaviyake will know that this is a central theme in her songs, her reaction to the technical, online evolutions effect on humanity. The video in all its colourful stop-motion animation quirkiness shows robotic looking teenage boys seemingly hypnotised by their electronic devices, oblivious to the world around them. All this while the singer sings along, stomping her feet in the bright fantasy disco. The video itself reminds me of the hit nineties television show Power Rangers for some reason and for me again, had that nineties feel to it. This combined a bit of the eighties themes and colouring as well deliberately archaic graphic effects. So, that said, it suited the song perfectly.

Although a slightly acquired taste for some, Flaviyake definitely has her following and will definitely pique interest with her eclectic mix of styles and personality elements in her music and persona.

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An electro pop artist based in London. Flaviyake is a combination of my Latin name Flaviya and a Japanese ending. I was born during the earthquake in the capital of Moldova. One horoscopic calendar states that those born on the 16th of December have the most vivid imagination, so I feel obliged to show people something they have never seen through my music. Some people compare me to Bjork and Kate Bush, others to Madonna and Lady Gaga, but everyone finds my style very unique.

My cartoon style iconic fringe is a recognizable element of the Flaviyake style. What makes my stage presence unique and different is that I introduce my songs on stage with my original provocative aphorisms. I am planning to publish them as an illustrated book ‘From the G-spot to Enlightenment’.



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