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Flaviyake imagination has abstract truth with “Barcode Puppets”

Flaviyake imagination has abstract truth with “Barcode Puppets”


Flaviyake aka the “Celestial Cutie” is a true and original artists that delves into an imaginative psyche of what some would call a fantasy world. Flaviya’s approach to music is far from a fantasy, it is reality in a living technicolor. This track speaks about an unfree world controlled by policies and things that govern the meaning of freedom and the simple enjoyments of life. “I don’t wanna see the day We turn into Barcode puppets.I just wanna weaken my threads”

Whatever is was that drove Flaviya to write a song called “Barcode Puppets”, is the substance that needs to be bottled and sold worldwide.  The watered down mainstream music that many indie artists complain about is far from the nature of this particular song.  Barcode Puppets is a merge of Classical, EDM, POP and creative juices.  Flaviya’s voice is pure, precise and gently flows as smooth as the violinist in this track by Oganes Arustamov.

As crazy as the title may sound, the track gives just enough energy to keep you listening to the end. One of the unique vocal aspects of this track is that Flaviya gives 3 voice perspectives: Call (1st vocal tone) and response (2nd vocal tone) through the verse and an operasque (3rd vocal tone)  throughout the chorus.

Flaviya is not only a singer and performer but also a creative writer that presents viable substance. Music speaks loudly for most people and often a song captures the emotions that we don’t know how to express. She target’s it perfectly with this phrase… “Lipsync to the song of their choice If you cannot find the Right tune for your voice.”

The overall mix of the song was right on and didn’t feel  rushed.  Flaviya is a colorful artists with catchy tunes and a bright future. USA artists may attempt to compare her efforts to artists such as Aqua  or  Spice Girls, but she sits in a class of her own.

The only thing I didn’t quite understand was the Japanese Voice over at the beginning but maybe if I knew the translation it would make more sense and bring more purpose to mind. Flaviya’s Music is not mainstream music and will be loved by an eclectic group of fans. This again supports the notion that independent artists are still creating creative and original music and that is always something to be respected.

Cheers to a bright future!

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An electro pop artist based in London. Flaviyake is a combination of my Latin name Flaviya and a Japanese ending. I was born during the earthquake in the capital of Moldova. One horoscopic calendar states that those born on the 16th of December have the most vivid imagination, so I feel obliged to show people something they have never seen through my music. Some people compare me to Bjork and Kate Bush, others to Madonna and Lady Gaga, but everyone finds my style very unique.

My cartoon style iconic fringe is a recognizable element of the Flaviyake style. What makes my stage presence unique and different is that I introduce my songs on stage with my original provocative aphorisms. I am planning to publish them as an illustrated book ‘From the G-spot to Enlightenment’.

Producers El Ray and CJ Slick, Moscow, Russia.
Lyrics and vocal Flaviyake.
Japanese voice over Kocha Shoji.
Violin Oganes Arustamov.

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