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Hip Hop

Fly in My Starship produced by SiD Mercutio

Sid MercutioSid Mercutio

“…hopefully one day my music would materialize in all its glory and then i’ll be spent; knowing I gave my all and my all was good (laughs with a smile)…”

SiD Mercutio aka Roland Ikponmwosa Idehen is a DJ that has transformed his skill into production and sound creation. As a Computer Studies and Sound Recording major, his intellect matches his production, bright, unique and systematic.

Fly in My Starship is a remix of the original track entitled “You are My Starship” by Norman Connors. Sid Mercutio, takes only a portion of the original, and creates a memorable track that I believe Norman Connors would be proud of. It’s interesting that the remixed track is called “Fly in My starship” because the track contains a series of bleeps and foreign sounds that when merged, sounds alien in nature. The track is lush to the core and a smooth rendition.

The name lives up to the production. This track definitely shares some of the same qualities as the original which include the piano, flute like sounds. Fly in My Starship leans on the hip-hop end of production, but with the right vocal range, this would definitely be a hard hitting R& B Track. Sid gets props on this production.

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Aint No Sense
SiD Mercutio brings it back yet again with this track called “Ain’t No Sense.” All I have to say is Ridiculous (I like it alot)!

This is a very fresh and track with Sid on the production, bass and tambourines. The bass line is killer and all the other instruments ride on its coat tail. The drums have the familiar boom bap style, hard and grimy. The ambient samples and voices just float through the track like guerillas in the midst. At about the 3:30, a viola or violin of some sort enters the tracks and heightens the quality and style of Sid’s production. The track is very tight, ends on a high note and is worth a listen.

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You can listen to a number of tracks by SiD Mercutio including a dynamically remixed track of Omar Lye-Fook, who is an internationally acclaimed British soul singer, songwriter and musician, by visiting his sound cloud page at


Read more about SiD Mercutio
SiD Mercutio aka Roland Ikponmwosa Idehen a.k.a. DJ Sidious a.k.a. Sid a.k.a. Siddy a.k.a. Rollnizzle a.k.a. Row Row a.k.a Sidney a.k.a ……the list goes on; Started his dj career at the age of 20. As a young boy he always proved to have a talent for dancing and entertaining and it was only a matter of time before he pushed on with his desires to do more in the entertaining field, including making up his own noise.

Sid was born in Born in London, United Kingdom and spent his teen years in Nigeria. Sid majored in Computer Studies and Sound Recording Technology. Catchy melodies and hooks riding with nice lush grooves are his thing, striving to get his own soul put into his music. Mercutio is unique. He is up for collaborations with anyone who understands his style and flava whether it is Hip Hop, RnB, Lounge, Soul, Dance …blah…blah…blah…etc

He has worked with an array of artists that include Kyra Simone, David Mensah, Blitz tha Ambassador, Meleka Ruby Blu* and more. Sid has advanced with an international appeal, by gaining interest from people across the pond and around the world. Sid has even had his work championed by BBC radio DJ’s and featured on the compilation, Roy Ayers Project Compilation Vol. 2.

Stay Tuned…There is much more to come from this budding producer! Peace

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