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Gasmilk Maximizes off Simplicity in “2 Of Us”

Gasmilk Maximizes off Simplicity in “2 Of Us”

Gasmilk’s new track “2 of Us” is about being direct. It’s about not wasting time to come forward with what you want, even if it’s something simple. This is an appropriate theme to pair up with music that wastes no time in showing its essence. Brian Lee White of Gasmilk, a professional producer and sound engineer based in Oakland, exemplifies his ability to front-load a song’s fireworks while spreading the energy to keep it engaging.GasmilkGasmilk

Gasmilk’s big strength is leveling instrumentation. His robotic beat has the perfect amount of swelling distortion that peaks during the wordless chorus and vanishes during the verse. He appropriately takes out other lead parts when the verse starts: creating empty space for his voice to fill. This sounds like a basic concept, but most electronic producers don’t know how to simplify their song and direct attention to the singer. Gasmilk avoids showing off and creates the song’s value through its consistency.

I like the feel of this song. It’s a basic slow-beat dance number about companionship during a regular night out. There’s nothing deeper to read and sometimes there’s nothing deeper desired. I think this song works perfectly as it is. In order have the song circulate more, Gasmilk may want to consider having DJs create new mixes (pretty much an obligation for electronic songs). However, the original song is strong in its own right.

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Gasmilk is the solo project of producer/engineer Brian Lee White.  Hailing from Oakland, California, Gasmilk crafts punchy pop landscapes  around razor witted lyrics that command a sing-a-long. Having spent  the last 10 years developing a career as a professional composer and  engineer, working in almost every segment of music production, Brian’s  written music for video games, television shows, commercials that  annoyed you, and a bunch of of artists you’ve probably never heard of.  Unsatisfied with a simple foot note in a nonexistent digital liner,  Brian is stepping out from behind the mixing console to dance on top  of it, and Gasmilk wants to make every day a casual Friday.



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