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Gently In + Tioughnioga produced by Perpetual Process

Gently In + Tioughnioga produced by Perpetual Process

Perpetual is defined as continuing or continued without intermission or interruption; lasting an indefinitely long time.

I’d like to introduce a producer that lives up to the definition. Ralph Klisiewicz, Chicago based producer is yet another hidden gem in the music industry. Under the Production name Perpetual Process, Ralph is a producer, arranger, guitarist and Keyboard professional. He describes Perpetual Process as a blend of exotic electronic sounds, lush guitars, organic sounding drums, and simple, yet highly charismatic, vocals.

Gently Rising (Perpetual Process)

This track is very lively and set’s the tone of an underground Chicago soul/jazz/acid jazz club. The synths are lush and the meshes of tones are melodic to the core. This track drives and keeps the vibe perpetual. The ambience sweeps right in and fills the track with a perfect amount of added ingredient. I really enjoyed listening to this track. It captured my attention and was well done.

Tioughnioga (featuring Sarah Holtschlag)

This track as not what I expected but nevertheless it was a fusion of pop, rock, dance, electronica and more. Although this track doesn’t seem like it was meant to be main stream track, it has a catchy feel and it was a bold and brave production. Although the feel and tone made me believe this was an experimental track and style, it works.

If I had to change anything, I would strip away some of the instrumentation and allow the singer’s (Sarah Holtschlag) voice, to stand out just a bit more. I would love to hear more collaboration such as this from Ralph; I believe this could be a trend setter style.

About Ralph

Ralph Klisiewicz produces, arranges, and writes most of the music for Perpetual Process.  He plays all keyboard and guitar parts on the latest Perpetual Process album, “Make it Easy”.

Ralph has been passionate about music since childhood, however he did not received any formal training until college.  While in freshman year in college, he was drawn to the piano and began taking piano lessons. He soon was spending many hours locked in a practice room rehearsing classical pieces.  He continued with private piano lessons for about 3 years, and then later supplemented his musical education with guitar lessons.  However, his true passion was the synthesizer and its unparalleled ability to manipulate sounds.

Ralph’s first synthesizer was the Yamaha DX7. He then purchased a few other keyboards, like the Korg Prophecy, and an EMU sampler.  He began spending as much time tinkering with shaping sounds on the synthesizers and the sampler as he did practicing his piano.  He began taking trips to the library to study the history and methods of digital synthesis.  Eventually, Ralph joined a few college bands where he played keyboards.  None of the bands made it beyond playing at college parties and bars.  In addition, Ralph was getting frustrated by the limitations of the equipment available to low budget musician in the mid 90s.  Eventually, Ralph would abandon music all together for about 10 years….

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