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Get Out of My Face by ROOM 11

Get Out of My Face by ROOM 11

What is not to say about this Funk Rock band from Chicago, IL called ROOM 11? They have fresh sounds, potent energy and creative lyrical composures. It’s not a surprise that this group has a cutting edge sound, considering they have band members that combine years of skill and experience, heart and fun.

Believe it or not, I haven’t had the pleasure of listening to many Funk Rock bands lately, but ROOM 11 definitely put a smile on my face. After listening, I realized that I neglected a missing an interesting component of Chicago music history. I can’t get over the fact that this track, “Get Out of My Face (clean)” sounds so fresh. Although I would have a hard time believing that this was recorded at a live concert versus a studio, the mix down, gave me the sense that this is exactly what I would hear at a live show. If this is what Room 11 sounds like live, count me in, I will definitely look to attend and upcoming performance!

The guitar played by Frankie Blaze really sets the tone from the very beginning; the riffs are clean, dynamic and full of energy. The bass is sick. It rides hard and again, it is perfectly positioned with tone, skill and pure funk. Pastor Funkpleez dropped in quite a few riffs on this track and they all sound lively. The lead vocals sang by the seasoned ladies Allegra Delores fit perfectly in the track as I would have expected. Their voices are always bright, sultry and contagious. I was once told that if the drums kept time, a firm tempo and solid velocity, then, they have served their purpose. Marty does exactly what he should, but takes it up a notch with beautiful execution of style and “drum charisma.”

Although the lyrics sound one-sided towards the end of track and from the perspective of a woman; the lyrics really can be directed towards anyone and taken from any perspective, but the bottom line is, that life is too short to deal with so much drama. Patience can only go so far and if you want to mistreat me or disrespect me, then you can either walk away or get handled. The song is not vindictive, just a small warning to live and let live and now that you have been warned, please don’t ignore the warning.

My conclusion is that this band has the perfect selection of Artists to represent Room 11. Stellar artists only bring stellar performances. Music is only this good, when every on the team complements each other. I can see the fun and enjoyment in what they do and at the end of the show, I can see them hanging out as friends. Bands break up all the time due to various reasons, but I don’t get the sense that this band will be un-banded.

“All I want to do is make it through the day, but I’m a mess around and catch a case. “…Real Talk

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About Room 11
Bio ROOM 11 offer their contribution to Chicago’s indie music scene with it’s unique brand of FUNK/ROCK with influences ranging from Parliament/Funkadelic to Red Hot Chilli Peppers, with strong Soul & Hip Hop components. Led by founder Big Ced aka Pastor FunkPleez (bass/vocals) along with the ladies of Allegra Delores (vocals-keys-percussion), Marty Murphy (drums) and Frankie Blaze (guitar) this unit has quickly become recognized for their electrifying live shows complete with super tight grooves and creative musical transitions that keep audiences on their feet the entire set! Room 11 released their debut album on 11-11-11!

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