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Give You All (Give You Everything) by Tobi Taiwo

Give You All (Give You Everything) by Tobi Taiwo

Give You All (Give You Everything) by Tobi Taiwo is a track filled with highs and lows. The beginning of the tune starts out strong by introducing a solid beat that instantly inspires listeners to sway to the pulse of the track. The biggest detractor to the introduction is the digital effects on this track which are striking, but simply overused making the tune feel more amateurish as well as taking away from the high points of this song.

The most disappointing part of this track is the vocals. The beat comes on exceptionally strong and impressive, but the vocals are deficient in musical quality. There isn’t a wide vocal range showcased and the chorus is watered down in production making it easy for the instrumental arrangement to completely overpower the vocals. The recording quality did not help the vocals either as the reverb and room ambience ran rampant making the track sound cheap.

The most disappointing part of the poor vocal quality is that it masks some innovative and clever lyrics. The track told a story with lyrics that rhythmically flowed well such as, “You got me feeling, got me feeling like the truth. Never thought I’d see the day that I would pray to father wooh.”

The beat of this track was definitely unique as it took aspects from many diverse genres and blended it together. It took the drum machine rhythm of the R&B genre, the dense syncopated beat of the Funk genre, the emphasis on the beat of the Dance genre, the transmutation of gospel of the Soul genre, and the synthesizers of the House genre to create an utterly original track.

One of the high points of this tune is the instrumental accompaniments. The arrangement was incredibly rich and balanced creating an ethereal feeling to the song that was inspiring. Unfortunately, the digital effects of the track did take away from the instruments at times as discussed earlier. The drums were truly the standout amongst the accompaniment. The drummer clearly maintained a steady meter that created a certain dimension to the playing.

Tobi Taiwo has struck instrumental gold on this track that could easily help him rise onto the music scene, but the vocals need serious development. Upping the quality of the vocal recording could improve this track tenfold. Try a female counterpart duet on the vocals and make them crisp. That would most likely balance the presentation.

Bio: Tobi Taiwo is an up and coming artist from Chicago, Illinois who writes and produces music in his home studio.


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