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Glimpse Trio’s GARAGE

Glimpse Trio’s GARAGE

How do you like your rock? Smooth enough to relax to, but heavy enough to get your body rocking? If your answer is yes, then Oakland’s very own Glimpse Trio has got what you need! Lead singer and guitarist Mike Sopko, drummer Hamir Atwal, and bassist Chris Lopes have recently released, Garage.

GT’s unique improv-driven experimental rock has evolved into Garage’s 16 tracks. A track entitled, Come Back portrays this evolutionary sound well, with its free flowing guitar riffs, drums that get your heart beating and bass lines that you can feel to your very core! The best songs are the ones you can feel, and this track gave me the major feels.  

Garage promises each track to bring something different, while still maintaining a garage rock sound. This became clear to me while listening to a second song off Garage, entitled, Going To Hell.  Unlike the faster paced Come Back, this track takes on a sort of blues feel. If it weren’t for the sick sound of Sopko’s guitar and his dark tones, you would have never guessed both songs were from the same band. I saw nothing wrong with this, how many times have you picked up an album only to hear the same song repeated 12 times?

If Garage’s remaining 14 songs are anything like Come Back and Going to Hell, then they too are sure to have smooth yet intense instrumentals infused with a HEAVY focus on improvisation, and topped off with dark meaningful lyrics of despair and growth. Glimpse Trio’s sophomore LP, Garage is sure to please rockers worldwide, but most especially all you experimentalist rocker types.



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More on the band:

Glimpse Trio’s sophomore LP, Garage was released on July 1st 2012. They are holding a CD release party this Friday, July 20, 2012 at the Bottom of the Hill (Be sure to stop by if you’re in the area). GT will then embark on tour with renewed intensity in autumn, with U.S. and Canadian tour dates to be announced shortly.






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