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SoundCloud Music Reviews: Gloria George – Ave Maria [Classical/Vocal]

SoundCloud Music Reviews: Gloria George – Ave Maria [Classical/Vocal]
SoundCloud Music Reviews: Gloria George - Ave Maria

SoundCloud Music Reviews: Gloria George - Ave Maria SoundCloud Music Reviews: Gloria George – Ave Maria

Ave Maria is one of the most famous operatic recordings in history. In fact, it’s been covered by Pavarotti and numerous choirs around the world. So, what makes Gloria George’s interpretation of this 160 year-old classic any different to the others? Well, firstly you would never guess that Gloria is new to opera singing. Her falsetto voice is enough to give you goosebumps, and she possesses a warmth and confidence in her voice that you would expect from someone with much more experience than she has. That’s exactly what makes Gloria’s version of Ave Maria so special. Getting to know more about this new artist just adds to the allure of the track, especially when you discover Gloria’s difficult past…

When she was only five, she was told by doctors that she would never speak again. After successful surgery, Gloria got her voice back and developed an interest in music. Although she experimented with different genres, it was only when Gloria discovered opera that everything began to fall into place. Arguably the most difficult style of music to sing, opera is all about commanding a crowd and resonating with the public. Gloria can do exactly that – and then some. In fact, her previous interpretations of songs like Pie Jesu and Nessan Dorma have proved what a versatile performer she really is. On Ave Maria, she showcases her powerhouse vocals but also offers restraint. This contrast proves that Gloria combines the best of both worlds when laying down a track; the big, throaty vocals that you would expect from the world’s top opera singers, as well as a softer, gentler voice that still packs an almighty punch.

Let’s face it – Ave Maria is not an easy song to sing. And we can probably all think of artists (both in the opera and pop spheres) who have tried and failed. Gloria George is different. You can hardly hear her breathing throughout the entire song. Her notes are clear and sharp. Her enormous vocal range is evident. It’s these components that make this new interpretation of the song (which was first recorded in 1853) really resonate with a contemporary audience.

Opera has long been associated with the rich and elite, but Gloria’s version of Ave Maria turns this on its head. A young singer who’s an A-grade student might not be what you expect when I say ‘classical singer’. After all, you probably have the image of someone much older. But this one of Gloria’s unique selling points. She has the experience to interpret the songs with vigor and passion, but is still young enough to bring a track like Ave Maria to a modern audience. There’s soul in her voice that you wouldn’t expect from someone of her age, and she is able to project each and every note with class and style. The future definitely looks bright for Gloria George – and Ave Maria is testament to that.


Gloria has a beautiful voice, yet it’s still maturing. Age is a factor as well as experience. As she continues vocal training and continues her pursuit of greatness, her voice will become stronger and I am confident, we will experience something new.  Ave Maria is taken from Gloria’s album Principessa, which was released in December 2014. Both the album and song can be downloaded on iTunes.

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