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Gnome by ‘KS’ Jose Cassella (Instrumental Dance)

Gnome by ‘KS’ Jose Cassella (Instrumental Dance)

Instrumental music is always a difficult genre to grow your popularity in as an artist. With instrumental music it is incredibly easy to have an unbalanced arrangement of instruments that is cacophonous to the ears. It’s all too simple to have, let’s say, the guitar competing with the percussion and this causes the piano melody to be overpowered and so on. A truly talented instrumentalist has the artistic abilities to balance all of the instruments together to create a song so dynamic and well composed that it is sincerely enjoyable to hear. KS is one of a select group of artists who shows their talent and musical prowess with their impressive collection of musical work. KS’ recent song “Gnome” is a true example of instrumental excellence. 

The first thing to strike you when listening to “Gnome” is the impressive recording quality KS and his production team achieve. The recording quality showcases the artist’s commitment to producing high-quality music. Additionally, the instrumental balance is remarkable and the recording perfectly captures the harmony the instruments create. Artists who use lyrics can tell us exactly what they want us to think, feel, and see when we listen to their track. Instrumentalists have to show us the pictures, feelings, and ideas they want to convey on their track solely by the way they arrange their music. KS’ flow on “Gnome” guides you across the music, taking your hand with the first hook and walking you over the highs and lows of the arrangement.

KS’ “Gnome” is an incredible track that is worthy of being admired and appreciated in the music community. KS will be one to watch as he continues to create impeccable works of musical art. 

A Gnome by definition is a legendary creature that is tasked with guarding the earth’s treasures. It’s possible that this particular track is allowing a sneak peak at the treasures within the creative mind of KS.


KS is Jose Zambrano Cassella, Musician and Filmmaker based in Los Angeles. Gnome is one of the many tracks released on PUTA’S BREW- The New album by KS, which is a hybrid of ambient, funk, dance and electronica.


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