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Gold Falls – “Glowing Pt. II”

Gold Falls – “Glowing Pt. II”

Ben Leftley, the mastermind behind Golden Falls, is an 18 year old producer that has taken experimentation to another level.

Kick your feet up and take the evening off, because Gold Falls has a special treat for you: the entrancing melodic flow of “Glowing Pt. II.” Like sunlight coming in through the blinds, this track by the Oxford artist is an expansive trip through rejuvenation and relaxation.

Key textures swell in and out within the gentle percussion fills and a hypnotic harmony line. Inspired by artists such as Gold Panda, Tycho, and Mount Kimbie, the electronic glo-fi Gold Falls takes the esoteric beats of IDM with the smooth clarity of ambient to create this number. The elements presented in “Glowing Pt. II” can be counted on one yet, but their interplay creates melodies that are elegant in their minimalism and soothing in their simplicity.

The artist has described that he wants people to feel relaxed and happy emotions when listening to his music. It’s difficult not to feel a sense of calmness when relishing in that moment that the percussion takes off and the hazy synth textures engulf the bulk of the track. This is not music to dance or party to—this is music to feel, to be lost and immersed in like descending down the placid waters of a still lake.

The track boasts all the atmosphere of a meditation session with a layer of dreamy, melodic composition. At 18 years old, this artist has the potential for limitless growth and exploration, and if “Glowing Pt. II” is indicative of anything, it’s that he has many adventurous musical projects ahead of him.

At 18 years old, this artist has the potential for limitless growth and exploration

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