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Gonzalo Esteybar – Paspartú

Gonzalo Esteybar – Paspartú

gonzalogonzaloWith an elaborate background in guitar, electronic, and audiovisual projects, a composition from Gonzalo Esteybar promises to be an intriguing journey through a carefully crafted sound. The song “Paspartú” from the EP About proves to be just that. Evolving from the delicate twangs of ambient undertones, “Paspartú” evolves into an elegant tapestry of warm guitar twinkling cascading across platforms of rhythmic string sections and esoteric percussion. The song never strays too far from the gentle mood captured within the first minute, but it nonetheless establishes itself as a rich body of work captured in just under six minutes, contrasting between a talking stroll up and down the neck of his instrument and the choral movements of chord strums. It is an exercise in melodies meant to be felt and immersed in as well as to be enthralled by in their adventurous playfulness.

The taste of Esteybar’s prowess exemplified on “Papartú” hints at a very delectable and versatile assortment of moods and sounds that the musician possibly explores on the rest of the EP. Having worked with the likes of Robert Fripp of King Crimson fame and acting as the director of the Rosario Guitar Ensemble, he certainly has quite a bit to prove with his axe.

Musician born in Rosario, Argentina, dedicated to the instrumental music genre and guitar instructor. He plays electric & acoustic guitars, electronic sequences and compose music for audiovisual projects.

He is the current Director of the Rosario Guitar Ensemble since the year 2010, group that has realized numerous performances around the whole country.

Since 2006 he is an active part of Guitar Craft / Guitar Circle, school founded by english guitarist Robert Fripp. In this context he was member of projects such as ¨Robert Fripp & The Orchestra of Crafty Guitarists¨ and ¨The Guitar Circle of Europe¨ in several occasions in different parts of the world. He had also dictated several Introductions to the New Standard Tuning (NST) in Argentina with the Rosario Guitar Ensemble.

He released 4 albums: ¨Socielo¨ (Mr. Three, 2010), ¨Sin Palabras¨ (Gonzalo Esteybar, 2011), ¨Revolver¨ (Ensamble de Guitarras de Rosario, 2013) and ¨About¨ (EP, Gonzalo Esteybar, 2013).

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