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Good Jeans – Amusement (EP)

Good Jeans – Amusement (EP)

goodjeans-januarygoodjeans-januaryIn a haze of dense electronica and the pensive drenches of synthesizers comes the Pittsburgh-born project Good Jeans, headed by Derek January. Reaping influences from the 80s, synthpop, dreampop, shoegaze, and electropop, Good Jeans is a vaporous assortment of rich electronica that meanders with glacial synths, deep beats, and shimmering vocals that elicits the likes of Erasure and Cocteau Twins, but with a layer of psychedelic fantasy added for good measure. “Feeling Something” swells up and down across its continuum in a mesmerizing fashion, layering itself over again and again. “Be Quiet” is a breakbeat podium for sparkling keys that flicker about the sunshine melodies, but not without a touch of despondency. “Seagrave” follow similar form, with stuttering keys and rough, patchy snare beats trudging along the droning vocals that ominously crowd the background.

The production incorporated by Good Jeans hoists everything to a wall-of-sound vibe, with many of the melodies mushing into one another to create unbreakable barricades of bittersweet symphonies. This is sure to please anyone itching for a refreshing break from today’s recycled use of synthesizers. The debut EP Mr. January has crafted, titled “Amusement,” recalls the bold and daring use of electronic modulations that made the style so controversial in the late 70s and early 80s. Good Jeans takes a very honest approach to an instrument that still walks the divide of synthetic and human.

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Good Jeans is 28-year-old Pittsburgh musician Derek January. Influenced by the sounds of 80s synth-pop, dream pop and shoegaze, along with modern-day electronica and EDM, January creates what the Pittsburgh City Paper has described as “atmospheric synth-pop and mid-paced dancey stuff with psychedelic elements.” His self-released debut EP Amusement contains five “dark and dreamy” tracks that stand out among other local Pittsburgh releases for its mix of bedroom intimacy and dance floor feel.

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