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Hell Razah/Heaven Razah – Pray Together + Phone Interview

Hell Razah/Heaven Razah – Pray Together + Phone Interview

With years of experience as a writer and being known as a prolific writer. Hell Razah aka Heaven Razah has brought forth an old seasoned sound with a breath of fresh air. Wu Family, SUNZ of MAN member continues to maintain a consistent message, give substance to the people, teach the youth to watch for snakes in the grass, and to live as shining stars.

We decided to review an older track, “Pray Together” and talk about a concept with meaning, that will never fade.

Pray together, a track off of  “The Razah’s Ladder” teaches us, that regardless of where you are in life or regardless of who you are in life, prayer is an essential component of life. A chorus that goes “A family that prays together, stays together” are words that summarize the heart of the emcee. Family isn’t explicitly defined.

by a blood relation. Family can be characterized as a group of people united by certain convictions or a common affiliation or fellowship. So if in fact a group of people are bold enough to pray together, then by sheer nature of common interest, they are a family.

‘Grandma seventy-seven, she told me hell we headed, so she have conversations with heaven’. True words for many communities. In african American communities and probably many around the world Grandma, is known as one of the most respected heads of the household. Grandma is who keeps the family together and looks out for everyone, while cultivating a loving atmosphere. Grandma keeps it real and always speaks the truth.

After speaking with Hell Razah/Heaven Razah about the details of the track, I discovered more meaning within the lyrics. Razah is urging people not to be ashamed to pray in the open or admit openly that you actually pray. He says, “There is no crime in believing in God.” Be open and honest about it.

The track in general has a signature sound that falls right in place, among the Wu-Family. A rich drum line and soulful church like organ riff, set the tone for a melodic vision.

The various guitar tracks and DJ cuts on the chorus confirm that this track is classic hip hop. Hell Razah/Heaven Razah is determined to change how music is perceived before it is heard and with this purpose in mind, I end this review giving Hell Razah/Heaven Razah my respect.

We look forward to the upcoming masterpieces that are being release early this year.

Listen to the Recorded Phone Interview with Hell Razah

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