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Holding On D-Most featuring Bizzy Bone & Kay Lee

Holding On D-Most featuring Bizzy Bone & Kay Lee

dmost-twitdmost-twitD-Most is a New York based emcee that has been involved with hip hop music since about age of 5. Currently under management through Bronx House Music Group, D-Most is prepared to continue and make new waves in the hip hop community.

D-Most better known as Darrel Shropshire has been declared a lyricist of lyricist. The ability to maintain a career as an emcee is based highly on lyrical capabilities and the ability to entertain the listener. After listening to D-Most, the first person that came to mind was the infamous “Jadakiss.” From the punch lines to the rhythmic swagger, D-Most is a competitor to many of today’s already established emcees.

D-Most has taken this career very seriously. Not only does D-Most have a library of songs readily available, he also has a library of music videos, which boast thousands of plays.

Holding On

“Holding on” is one of the latest releases from D-Most that features the one and only Bizzy Bone, from the original group, Bone Thugs-n-Harmony and Kay Lee. This one of those songs that leaves you pondering your actions in life, appreciating the sun after the rain, and making it over unexpected barriers that lay in our path.

“Holding On… has many meanings. For some this means holding on to memories, pr reminiscing over loved ones that have passed. For others this means, holding onto the hand of God. No matter what interpretation you accept, the bottom line is to never give up.

This particular song reminds me of west coast drive and east coast bounce. The collaboration between D-Most and Bizzy Bone and Kay Lee was a good mesh of style and lyrical delivery. Bizzy Bones style maintains his melodic flow. Kay Lee lets it rip and keeps his flow fast and precise. D-Most seemed to do exactly what he’s been doing for years, coming strong with an East Coast Swagger and strong lyrical composition. D-Most is a versatile emcee possessing the ability to switch up his flow, mid-verse, from the smooth east coast flavor to a Midwest, tounge-twista style flow. The chorus is classic and catchy. The quality and production of the track itself is clean and professional throughout. The Bass and the Rhodes stand out and are my favorite instruments in this particular track.

In conclusion, I believe that this track could mark another milestone in the career of D-Most. We have 2 heavy hitters, a nicely produced track and a positive message. Once this song hits radio stations across the country, I’m sure it will be kept in rotation for an extended period of time.

If 2pac was still alive, I’m sure this would be pumping through his system.

Find D-Most:

Contact info: Anthony Shropshire c/o Bronx House Music Group
Soundcloud page:

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