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Hook – “Nobody Knows”

Hook – “Nobody Knows”

hookhookA band with a name as audacious as HooK better be prepared to serve up some seriously hook-filled songs, or else it’s doomed to become a running joke. Fortunately, the duo of Jason Staples and Damian Jacobs know just how to craft earworms that live up to the name on their debut album Living Proof. Recalling the operatic croons of stadium rock titans like Aerosmith and Bon Jovi, Staples comes equipped with a voice that blisters through nostalgic trips of sleazy yet soulful hard rock. His vocals soar high above the compositions in an unabashedly operatic nature while sometimes transitioning into an abrasive, discordant screech. Composer Damian Jacobs packs an equal punch, recalling the huge and epic melodies of classic hard rock power play that graced the 70s and 80s and morphing it into a practical vision for the present. The delicate touches of acoustic guitar evoke imagery of broken tattooed hearts as Staples belts out tales of long lost lovers and missed opportunities. “Nobody Knows” marches along smoldering countryside numbers charred with electric guitars but reconciling on ballad-like numbers.  It goes from a crescendo of somber narratives to an enormous, crashing powerhouse.

The drawback to HooK’s musical offerings is that is unfortunately predictable. The formula of hard rock crossed with acoustic guitar sensitivity is well-traded ground that, at this point in time, runs the risk of sounding trite. But for people yearning for a fresh take on a sound no longer populating the radios, this album is living proof that there are still plenty of sparks left burning in the ash.

Nobody Knows – Living Proof – 2013 by hooksound

Soundcloud Page:
Genre(s): Thought Rock
Location: Ontario, Canada
Members: Jason Staples, Damian Jacobs
Label: Moonfire Records
Website Link:

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