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I Still Would by Chow Chow Mandy

I Still Would by Chow Chow Mandy

The beat of I STILL WOULD by Chow Chow Mandy is robust and fills listeners with an unstoppable fire that matches the timbre of the track as a force of nature. This song is definitely one that would fall under the head banging variety. This song illustrates Chow Chow Mandy’s drive to scratch and climb their way up the rock charts.

The instrumental accompaniment is varied, but regrettably the rich instrumental variety is overshadowed by one instrument alone, the guitar. The guitar playing on this tune drowns out the other instrumentals making the tune sound flat. Although memorable, the guitar on this particular song comes across incredibly brittle. The guitar playing is clean, but lacks harmonics making it sound harsh to listeners. The guitar riffs are heavy making the playing come across as almost excessively loud. Heavy guitar playing is usually a positive attribute to this particular genre, but in this specific song it comes across detrimental to the rhythm and the balance of the track.

The vocals of Chow Chow Mandy are agile and golden. The vocalist showcases their stunning vocal range and expertly executes complex and fast moving pitch levels. A certain level of emotion is infused into the track by the delicate catch the vocalist skillfully places throughout the song. Again, the overwhelming problem with this track taints the best parts. The vocals were again at times drowned out by the wailing of the guitar.

The recording quality of this track is great. The instruments are recorded with incredible quality same as the vocalists, but the production quality is where this track takes a nose dive. A good producer knows how to balance a track in a way that equalizes every aspect of the track so every piece of the puzzle comes together to paint the same picture. The balance on this track was nonexistent with different aspects of the tune overpowering another at every turn.

Chow Chow Mandy shows great potential on I STILL WOULD and the vocals are truly a standout, but production wise there needs to be significant improvement. If the balance of the track were to be fixed I am sure that Chow Chow Mandy would be unstoppable on the music scene.

Bio: Chow Chow Mandy is a Los Angeles based up and coming rock duo.


Twitter: chowchowmandy

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