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Jasmine Kyle – “Revenge”

Jasmine Kyle – “Revenge”

Jasmine KyleJasmine Kyle

Jasmine Kyle’s new single “Revenge” isn’t just dark: it sets a whole troublesome scene in a grim and distant place. Jasmine Kyle, whose songwriting is based around her troubled youth and her interest in eerie children’s stories, weaves a discrete yet disturbing narrative into this track about taking injustice into her own hands. This lyrical tale moves in forward motion without a chorus line: descending deep into a spooky atmosphere before finding an even spookier resolution.

“Revenge” starts out with seconds of roaring thunder and rain: immediately putting you in the somber mood required to experience the song correctly. The deep, low notes on a quiet piano finally enter with Jasmine Kyle’s haunting voice filling the track with an imagined scene of retribution. Even though the track is mostly vocals and piano, they are orchestrated in a way that plays into the song’s drama. Jasmine Kyle’s vocal intonation doesn’t change much as she holds a steady demeanor. However, she makes sure that the piano’s voice dictates where the intensity rises and falls like an unpredictable storm. At certain times, she’ll hit the lowest notes to add a bassy surge. On other parts, both the voice and piano cease so the roaring thunder can take hold of the track for a few seconds: interrupting the flow like…well, like real thunder does.

If there’s one thing Jasmine Kyle has mastered, it’s establishing the song’s feel. She knew how to plan out the tone and rhythm of “Revenge” to keep the mood consistent. The only real flaw I’ve found is how her lyrics aren’t very decipherable. That doesn’t take away from the track’s feel at all, but with a title like “Revenge”, there’s a clear meaning that you don’t catch without reading the lyric sheet. If the mood is more important than meaning for Jasmine Kyle, then this isn’t something to concentrate on too much. All in all, the sound is pure.

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Jasmine Kyle Born November 26, 1978 in Des Moines Iowa. She is an American Singer Songwriter and musician. Her haunting stripped down musical style and smooth contralto vocals easily elevate her from unknown to known artist. As an independent musician releasing her first album on September 17, 2013 Titled “What Will All The Neighbors Think?”

Jasmine a survivor of an abusive father plays with a striped down piano  as a back drop to her disturbing childhood.  The juxtaposition of  delicate piano sound and a haunting message in her music gives an amount of unease calm. This in never more true than in songs like “I Bite” and “Be A Good Girl” really speak about her ordeal.  Skillfully confessing that the outside look of everything’s fine and the inside look was living in a nightmare.

Jasmine Kyle lived in Los Angeles California early 2000′s where she became a favorite on the singer songwriter circuit. Left LA to move back to the Midwest where she gave up the guitar and picked up the piano. This self taught pianist soon after wrote “What WIll All The Neighbors Think?” and Recorded it in Madison Wisconsin at Blast House Studios.



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