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Jay Elle’s – Twelve On Sunday [folk]

Jay Elle’s – Twelve On Sunday [folk]

Jay Elle is uniquely gifted with a voice that is smooth and soothing. Folk music is defined as typically being of unknown authorship and is transmitted orally from generation to generation. Twelve on Sunday is in my opinion is a folk song that is easy to remember, relatable, and sounds like it could easily pass from generation to generation. There are no over-bearing instruments and drum patterns, just an acoustic guitar the voice of the storyteller.

This songs presents an interesting storyline. Jay talks about a father reminiscing about his daughter, a girl he clearly cherishes, despite her tantrums’. The careful arrangement of the story keeps the listener glued to the song from start to finish. It’s hard to realize how fast it comes to an end as the story easily carries away one’s attention. This is an important plus to this track. The lyrics are easy to follow with the refrain reminding the listener about the key theme.

Song Category and Performance

The simplicity of the song and the effortlessness of simple chord progression with which it is done is another key trait of a great folk song.

Final verdict

Jay has done a good job in producing this song and playing the guitar. Many people will no doubt enjoy the song now and in the future. Jay is taking a few extended chances on bringing a fresh perspective on this music ability and you can feel his sincerity and professionalism. This song brings realism to the forefront and that is… undeniable. Cheers!


The Urban Troubadour, Jay Elle is a New York City based male vocalist, songwriter, and guitar player. He writes original songs that fit in the singer-songwriter, pop, folk, rock and adult contemporary genres. His acoustic guitar arrangements are unique. They are created to fit the moods of every song and match the emotions contained in the lyrics. His voice is beautiful and expressive and takes you on a journey with every word.

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Twelve on Sunday by Jay Elle from Jay Elle on Vimeo.

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