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Jazz On Tap – “Feel Good and Crazy”

Jazz On Tap – “Feel Good and Crazy”

Jazz On Tap – “Feel Good and Crazy” 

Let the good times roll. It’s hard not to let them up to when listening to the smooth, calming jazz mixes of Jazz On Tap. This project by Ross Maguire is a mellow synthesis of subtly funky drum beats and mellow, afternoon keys that follow a repetitive and simple melody that invites rest and relaxation. His track “Feel Good and Crazy” takes sample from films and TV shows that are a call to the arms of losing your mind, going nuts, and letting your hair down. “Eastbound and Foolish” is an old 50s jazz dabbling of meandering piano chords and tapping beats, bordering on an upbeat noir atmosphere. The beginning sample of a couple arguing is looped over and over with different effects and sounds.

The track in general is like-able if the intention is a background sound scape. This wouldn’t be a track for an artist to drop lyrics over. It’s my belief that this track was just produced out of pure fun. The track has a smooth bounce to it that reminds me of west coast hiphop.

The drawback to these tracks is that while creatively mixed they are rather jarring nature; the samples are distracting and sometimes irritating, as they take away from some highly substantial composition that ought to be more in the forefront. The excerpts of couples arguing and Marge Simpson asking “Go Crazy” either need to be minimized or pushed to the background, because they’re small blemishes on the finished products.

Nonetheless, the approach here is ambitious and daring, certainly abstract enough to fall into experimental genres and with plenty of room to develop a rich, captivating sound. Ross Maguire – Naas, Ireland

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