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Joe Given – Pop Fusion in “Terrifying Love”

Joe Given – Pop Fusion in “Terrifying Love”

Joe GivenJoe GivenSome voices are just meant for pop: constructed and designed to be the vocal point of an easy-listening experience. If you read about Joe Given and his pop influences, you see the likes of Sam Smith, Lana Del Rey, John Legend, and so on. These are all singers who are also qualified to lead a track and encapsulate a song’s identity into their voices.Joe Given has a similar gift, as he exhibits some of these chops in his new track “Terrifying Love.”

Joe Given has a goal in this track that’s pretty obvious: to get popular. He’s selected the right style to do it, as the track creates fusion of the EDM features that are prerequisite for a current-day Top 40 hit. This music is structured around Given’s voice and never demands any more attention than its backdrop purpose. This is a wise track for Given to sing on as it allows him to be the highlight.

Joe Given gets most of the track right, but there are a few revisions that could improve the song. For one, the chorus has that “terrifying love” line, which repeats twice at the end of each chorus sentence and pans from one speaker to the other. Too much predictable vocal repetition eventually turns into an annoyance. There should be some variance there. Otherwise, it starts prodding some nerves.

I can also tell by this song’s style that Joe Given is trying to imprint successful pop acts. All of his listed influences are modern, successful artists who have broken into the mainstream successes. I’d like for Given to not be so preoccupied in sounding like as many commercially successful artists as possible. I’d like for him to make the music that he wants without spanning it across every popular style. He shouldn’t base his influences on success: rather, he should base it on what he thinks sounds the best.

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Joe Given, who turns 22 in July 2014, is an award winning singer, songwriter, performer.  He’s played at over 500 events and venues.  With his smooth powerful voice, charismatic presence, and gift of story-telling, Joe has the ability to connect with a wide range of audiences, with dynamic and adaptable stage shows. Joe’s style is mainly indie pop/rock, with a touch of R&B and folk. Artists with a similar feel may include John Legend (All of Me), The Lumineers (Ho Hey), Lana Del Rey (Summertime Sadness), Best Coast (Boyfriend), Sam Smith (Stay With Me), & Vampire Weekend (Diane Young). Usually performing as a solo artist (vocals & guitar), Joe’s shows are up to 4 hours in length, and range from pubs, private and community events, to weddings and galas, as well as a variety of charitable events.  He plays original music as well as a wide range of cover songs, (old & new).



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