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Joel Havea – “Simple Things”

Joel Havea – “Simple Things”

Joel HaveaJoel HaveaWalking through the cold streets of Hamburg, An acoustic song of Joel Havea’s Australian homeland is the last thing you’d expect to hear. Havea recently relocated to Germany in hopes to warm up the land and show that you can take the boy out of Australia, but you can never take Australia out of the boy.

Joel’s musical style is pretty simple. Although his songs may feature a drum or two, they are all based on acoustic guitar compositions. Therefore, his audience is narrowed down to a pretty specific niche of soft folk and soft pop. However, in the song “Simple Things,” you get the sense that Joel is completely content with that role. In this song, Joel croons about the simple things that he appreciates in life. For Joel, songwriting is one of those things. Although the cello arrangement at the one-minute mark makes the song a little more interesting, Joel’s focus is on the positive energy he receives from the least complicated aspects of his being.

I’d be interested to see what kind of reception Joel gets in Hamburg. Germany is the mecca for electronic music and all things weird, but I’m sure that there are many Germans who long for the warm beach and sunshine. For those people, Joel’s music has to be refreshing. He’s a relic from a country where all cities are basically beaches. If Joel can make a living off of the simple things he loves so dear, he should continue doing so.

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Joel Havea is a man of many talents. A skilled songwriter, natural  singer, great guitarist and an overall engaging performer whose songs  demonstrate his wide ranging musical and cultural influences. With his  unique background, Joel is certainly well prepared to handle the  impressive new heights being reached by his music.

Coming from the vibrant, eclectic music scene in Australia’s cultural  capital of Melbourne, Joel cut his teeth playing live from a young  age, as part of “the Havea Brothers” duo with his younger brother  Dave. In the process, he developed his own brand of reggae infused  acoustic song-writing with pop sensibilities, no doubt also influenced  by his mixed Tongan and Dutch heritage. After some extensive world  travel, including playing gigs throughout Asia and Europe, Joel found  a new home in Hamburg, Germany, and set to work warming up the chilly  city’s music venues with his ready smile and heartfelt delivery.





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