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Joseph Marciel – Tuesday Night

Joseph Marciel – Tuesday Night

61509_517769281614725_868369541_n-joseph61509_517769281614725_868369541_n-josephJoseph Marciel, 21 years old Brazil born DJ/Producer and self acclaimed singer. He began his career in 2008 at the clubbing arena Lucerne.  He’s known for a various mixtures of electronic music, which creates unique atmosphere during his performances.  Currently, he is touring around Zurich making the name for himself and so I heard – he is succeeding. Watch this space.

Before I start expressing my opinion about Joseph’s latest artwork, I wanted to find out a little bit more about the general music he is interested in as well as check out few other tracks which – as he is admitting himself – never got to an end. Checking his Soundcloud account, I found a ’30 minutes Saturday Morning by JM’ house set which starts very powerful and keeps a good energy throughout. He has an Excellent repertoire of house tracks which make it impossible to stand still in one place. It’s right up my alley. Next one ‘Feel my Brain’ (not very fitting title) is a preview, one of Joseph’s unfinished work. What sprinted in to mind after listening to it was: sensual, floaty and extremely relaxing. Great for a Sunday chill out with a glass of wine. Shame that 3:14 minutes is all you get to enjoy.

‘Tuesday Night’ is another preview from young artist and it’s a result of boredom trigged by insomnia on Tuesday night. If I’m honest with you, it could do with another revision, maybe this time with fresher mind… It starts promising with prominent hi-hats and perky bold beat.  The keyboard section kicks in shortly after and unfortunately, brings the whole track down. Its low and like-a-church-organs notes shift atmosphere from intriguing to cheerless. It would maybe work out better towards the end as a nice ‘good bye’ touch.  Simple and repetitive vocal sections add diversity to the whole although, they lack the ability to captivate.

Overall, the track is still incubating and – as for now – is not rhythmically complex, needs some dressing up in melody and wrapping up in maybe warmer and deeper bass. Definitely has potential but like every rough diamond before it shines, it needs polishing.


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