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“HEATSEEKER” New Disco Mix by Jarris Macias aka Jrmx

“HEATSEEKER” New Disco Mix by Jarris Macias aka Jrmx

Let’s start this off with a round of applause. JRMX’s Heat Seeker mix gets you pumped right from the very beginning. It would be natural to say it’s coincidental, but I believe JRMX just so happens to know what it takes to get the adrenaline pumping. Until I met JRMX through SoundCloud, I had never heard the coined music term “New Disco.” Take traditional Disco, pump up the drums,  fuse a concoction of melodic sounds, and 2 parts of soulful energy and you have found “New Disco” in a new rare form… of course this is only my interpretation.

Regardless of what the true definition of New Disco is, I consider myself  to be a new  official listening fan of what is now known as “New Disco”. The Heat Seeker mix is 55 minutes long and fails to lack excitement and fails to pack dynamic tracks that are simply great.  It’s not just another mix; it’s a precise selection of good vibes. I listened to the entire mix quite a few times and felt very engaged, which for a DJ, has to be one of the toughest things to do successfully on a consistent basis. JRMX does it flawlessly.

Jarris describes himself as this… “I’m not a DJ I’m just a sexy music selector.”

There is more to Jrmx than just the Heat Seeker mix. Read more about his experience and you will quickly understand why the mix, and even more so, his skill is on point.

Javier “Jarris” Macias (JRMX) Began his interest for music most of his genres like rock, jazz, blues and electronica since 16 sneaking in to the local clubs to watch live shows and DJ sets. It was until 2000 when he started playing at clubs and sports bars, absorbing his preference for live music. Jarris entered into the music business as a personal road manager for local bands and worked hard to help them leave marks on map of the Mexico rock scene.

In search for something more, he changed roles, by moving to the other side of stage and becoming a DJ.  He began to independently book himself and as a result of the hard work, he has shared stages with Mexican DJ’s such as Alejandro Dávila, Nortec Collective, Bostitch & Fussible, Ghouls, Internationally known David Guetta, Congo Rock, Lazrtag, Boy 8 Bit, Fakeblood, Les Danceable Solutions, Destructo, DJ Cat (NYC) and Automatic Panic (LA), Yelle (FRA), Soulwax & 2 Many DJ’s, The Twelves (BRA) and many more.

Among the many venues he has opportunity to play for, he has been booked at West Hollywood’s Historic Chateau’s Bar Marmont and the Rhodesia Social Club in Mexico City to name a few.

This past year JRMX has been touring Mexico & the Southern USA, and spinning in cities such as Guadalajara, Monterrey, Chihuahua, South Padre, Phoenix, and Los Angeles.

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Facebook Page: JRMX (Jarris DJ Mode)

Track listing:
Girls (Plastic Plates Remix) – Empire of The Sun
I look To You (Wildlife Remix) – Miami Horror
Chocolate Black Leather (Brennan Green Remix) Ajello Feat. Hard Ton
Sake (In Flagranti Remix) Jupiter
2 AM – Fabian
I know I Hear (Jacques Renault Remix) Holy Ghost!
Mr. Fahrenheit (Justin Faust Remix) Midnight Magic
Anytime Or Place (Deep Sang Edit) Azoto
Tiger & Woods – Kissmetellme (Original Remix)
Back Down (Cut Copy Jackmaster Remix) Munk
With You Forever (FM Attack Remix) PNAU
Heartbreaker – DAX RIDERS


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