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Kbit’s Space Symphony in “Anytime But Then”

Kbit’s Space Symphony in “Anytime But Then”

KbitKbitIf I’ve learned anything from space travel movies, it’s that outer space is terrifying. Something always goes wrong out there and at least one astronaut is left to die alone in orbit. Horrific. In contrast, Australian artist Kbit can make a space-themed song and it will be the most peaceful minutes of your life. Listening to Kbit’s “Anytime But Then” from his new album Un Boombox Symphonique doesn’t make you fear space: It makes you want to float in orbit with his music on loop.

It’s pretty clear that Kbit, or Kosta Andreadis, used to be a house producer. This song has the repetitive house elements while offering slight alterations for forward movement. However, this chill ambience works to capture a much different feeling than house. Rather than ramping up people to party, Kbit makes you reflect in a controlled environment. The atmospheric drones flow nostalgically as they layer against each other, intertwine, and burn out like dying stars. The only discernible instrument in this arrangement is the drum set, which is clean and untouched by the production. These combined noises create an image of a drummer lost in space, just jamming away and reflecting on his Earth life.

I love what this song does. I love how it creates a heavy feel with such light layers. It’s true beauty through simplicity. My only suggestion for Kbit is to make more songs like these. More and more and more.

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This is Kosta Andreadis’ first release as Kbit. Kbit – Un Boombox  Symphonique is the culmination of many years of music production that  started way back at the turn of the millennium. After a few years of  producing house music under his namesake ‘Andreadis’, Kosta Andreadis  took on the moniker Kbit for this new album release, which itself  reflects a more personal approach to music production. It’s an album  that harks back to falling in love with music in the late ’90s, and  covers a wide spectrum of styles, grooves, and feelings. From synth  driven house to breaks to ambient beats, it’s all brought together  with melodies worthy of a slow atmospheric descent through the clouds.



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