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Kingdom Wurx – God Said Yes [Christian Hip Hop]

Kingdom Wurx – God Said Yes [Christian Hip Hop]

Kingdom Wurx are a Christian Hip Hop group with a goal to send a positive message into this world in hopes of seeing a difference in the lives of this world’s inhabitants. Comprising of husband and wife duo Dejuan Roberts and LaSondra Roberts, who go by the stage names L’Mo and Solj, Kingdom Wurx specialise in  an increasingly influential genre of the gospel music.

“God Saves Lives” showcases the strength of both performers with Sol’s strong harmonies – clearly demonstrating her gospel background- acting as a counter-balance to L’Mo’s crisp and clear rapping abilities. The overall production quality is good and the song perfectly demonstrates the group’s rapping potential (the same catchy feel can be found in their recent track “Piece of Mind” for those who want to check out more of their music.)

Lyrically the song describes how people struggle to find work, get stressed and turn to drugs as an easy escape. However, as the song makes clear, that is no answer other than God. God helps you get back on your feet – and helps saves lives.

In conclusion, the track is simple, which is good when the goal is to send a crystal clear message. Merging too many concepts or trying to combine multiple messages of faith or hope can easily become confusing for listeners that are new to this style of music. New christian hip hop artists tend to inject everything into a few songs and the difference between tracks is not apparent.  I also appreciate this track having a simple catchy hook, that kids and adults alike will sing along with and remember.

Their national tour called “God Saves Lives”, is named after their recent breakout track which has brought the pair to a wider audience. With drug overdoses at an all-time high, Kingdom Wurx said they were inspired by God to offer hope to those struggling with addiction. The message of the song is clear – however bad your life, whatever problems you face, drugs (and alcohol) are not the answer. When other doors are closed in your face, God will always say yes.

The video accompanying the track underscores this message, contrasting the toughness of inner-city life with a sun-lit Kingdom Wurx standing in front of various churches, offering a clear message of hope for those looking to break the stranglehold of addiction.

The husband and wife come from different backgrounds. A native of Birmingham, Alabama, LaSondra has been singing and acting since she was a little girl, and has been heavily involved with gospel choirs. Dejuan, by contrast, grew up in New Jersey, and, influenced by his father, began to make Gangsta Rap. Following his parent’s divorce he went off the rails, was stabbed, and almost died in a gang fight. Fortunately he managed to turn his life round, got an education and found God. He began to make Christian Hip Hop, and meeting LaSondra, found somebody who shared his goal of saving lives.

“God Saves Lives” reveals that Kingdom Wurx are seasoned Christian Hip Hop artists worth watching in the future. The


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