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Maria Sullivan (Koloto) – “Fox Tales”

Maria Sullivan (Koloto) – “Fox Tales”


I’m so happy to report how there is a growing population of people who just cannot get enough British chill-out electro music. I’m even happier to report how I’m always discovering new artists capable of accomplishing that feel. If you’re looking to take a break from the dubstep and club music, but you still want to relax to something a little more interesting than some acoustic guitar-playing singer/songwriter, then you’ll enjoy the electronic rhythms, beats, and melodies of Koloto.

Koloto offers a refreshing take on glitch music in a way that isn’t distracting and attention-hungry (usually a prerequisite to be considered an electronic producer). Her song “Fox Tales” starts with a simple four-note progression using some sort of computerized classical guitar effect. Upon this, malfunctioning (yet measured) beats are added and the bells start walking the scales. Add some occasional sitar notes and slight delay manipulation to those bells, and this lounging party is underway.

The great thing about this style is how anti-club it is while still maintaining an easy- listening flow. Translation: If you really wanted to dance to this song, you could. While glitch producers usually like to throw off listeners with oddly-timed effects, Koloto smoothly inserts delayed drums so they actually serve a syncopation purpose. You quickly get used to it once you realize it’s measured into the beat pattern. This keeps the music from becoming erratic and keeps it listenable. To put it simply: it just sounds good.

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About Koloto

‘Heralding from pastoral Canterbury, Kent, Koloto is the brain child of Maria Sullivan, music production teacher and bassist in up and coming math rock outfit Delta Sleep.

Within months of releasing her four debut tracks, Koloto has garnered serious interest with multiple plays by BBC Radio One’s Tom Robinson and Huw Stephens show’s as well as a burgeoning online following.

Koloto’s music is a refreshing take on the over-saturated electronica genre especially as similarity and adherence to passing fads seems to have become the modus operandi of the ever shifting style. Where bedroom producers can now craft tracks with relative ease and little experience, Koloto takes a musicians approach to composition with each track an exercise in precision, unparalleled attention to detail, melodic content and complex rhythmical elements.

Koloto is set to premiere her live set in the coming months which, if her music is anything to go by, will be a lesson in how live electronic music should be, a world away from the predictable play pressing synonymous with many contemporary acts.’


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