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Konstant33n – TMT

Konstant33n – TMT

TMTTMTFloyd Mayweather sure knows how to garner attention from musicians. As well all know, his last entrance into the ring featured Justin Beiber and Lil’ Wayne as his escorts. Better yet, word on the street is that Miley Cyrus will be next to join the entourage (what’s she been up to recently, anyways?). Since Mayweather is the infatuation of many big pop stars, it’s only natural that songs will be dedicated to him.

Enter Konstant33 with his song “TMT.” For those who don’t know, TMT is the acronym for “The Money Team.” To put it in short, a fan of Mayweather would be considered part of The Money Team. Pretty simple. The song in itself is okay. The audio production is mastered to a professional tier. Konstant33n also has a decent rap voice. It’s just that the actual content of the song isn’t that interesting. It sounds like a standard radio rap song from the early-mid 2000’s. Nothing about it makes me hate or like it that much; it’s a familiar style that doesn’t hold enough memorable characteristics (other than the fact that it’s a song about Floyd Mayweather).

The only time I can really imagine this song being appropriate to listen to is during a promotional video or commercial advertising a Mayweather fight. While his recent victory over Canelo was impressive and the man has still got it, I can’t imagine people wanting to crank up the Floyd Mayweather song in a casual environment. There isn’t a story being told or any new insight about the fighter; it’s a praise on his toguhness. It’s about as timeless as a newspaper article talking about how good Mayweather is. How many times can we really read that, though? In the future, I’d urge Konstant33n to concentrate on some new angles that will make his work more memorable. Bio: Konstant33n, the artist formally known as Kidd Dynamiite, wrote this song as an anthem and tribute for Boxing Legend- Floyd Mayweather.

The song reflects Konstant33n’s respect for Mayweather’s mental and physical stamina. The artist formally known as Kidd Dynamiite transforms into Konstant33n. Get ready to truly go Behind the Scenes of his life, his career and see how music is made no matter the obstacle or challenge. Show starts October 28, 2013.

TMT by Konstant33n by The Franchize Playerz

Twitter: @TheKonstant33n


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