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Larusso nails their own sound with “The Voice” [Alternative/Pop/Rock/Punk]

Larusso nails their own sound with “The Voice” [Alternative/Pop/Rock/Punk]

Larusso PromoLarusso PromoSometimes I forget that emo and pop punk never actually went away: it just lost its mainstream appeal. The generation that grew up with that music eventually “grew out of it” once they graduated high school. However, as long as there’s a Warped Tour, pop punk still very much exists and even has new artists like Larusso: a Salt Lake City band that can nail the classic staples of this nostalgic genre through their new single “The Voice” off their upcoming album Life in Static.

This song is produced very well. It’s professional grade. I can clearly hear the guitars, the drums, the vocals, the backup vocals…everything. It sounds like a song created during the height of the early/mid 2000s pop punk scene (which is probably what Larusso is aiming for).

However, this sound poses a problem for Larusso’s future. That genre is now dedicated to nostalgia. The reason why Brand New and Fall Out Boy are able to sell out venues right now is because they were huge when the current concert-going demographic was young. People in their mid-twenties hear these songs and think, “I remember when this fist came out. Wow, I’m getting old.” However, that audience isn’t reverting back to discover new pop punk bands. This is where Larusso might find some trouble getting off the ground.

However, it does happen. The widespread appeal may not be there right now, but those listeners are out there. My advice to Larusso is to acknowledge this reality now and be okay with it. Even though the genre might be out of style, Larusso shouldn’t care because they’ve nailed the sound that they enjoy and have fun with…which is really the best reason to start a band.

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Combining smart hooks and catchy lyrics, Salt Lake City’s Larusso delivers high powered music for everyone. Having released six independently funded albums, with the latest being 2012’s “Tell Me Everything”, Larusso has become a local powerhouse and a significant presence in the western United States since its formation in 2003. Larusso has amassed a loyal local and national fan base through constant promotion, performing and touring and have big things planned for 2014 and beyond.


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