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`Last Battle` by Kowdermeister

`Last Battle` by Kowdermeister

After listening to this track entitled “Last Battle,” I found this to be a very positive track overall, and not much to complain about.  The track is full of life and energy and nothing shy of great.

The recording, mixing and production are all really well done with this track. It’s difficult not to be immersed into the plush  music and the interesting sounds. Nothing seemed to be distracting or battling for attention.

As for composition, I found the track to be full of interesting developments from start to finish, while at the same time not requiring me to “get used to” it. I think it takes the listener in firmly but reasonably, without overwhelming…The intro phrases grabbed my attention with their uniqueness and creativity; I especially liked the squashed-bass-type sound in the beginning, a cool invention which the composer did not find the need to repeat anywhere else in the track.

Indeed that is a great strength of this piece–its judicious use of a wide variety of synth sounds, but no heavy reliance on any one or two. There was excellent sound material happening in the background—occasional drifting side to side of the bird-chirp-like sound, for example, as well as similar use of a spacecraft-type sound.

I also really liked the vocal arrangement and again quite judicious use of sounds there, esp the higher-pitched background “aah”… and I also love the positive message of the lyrics, simple and to the point, delivered with good authority…

As for negatives: It may be slightly long, but that is totally dependent on what its intended use is….as a Top 40 Hit, yes it’s long…as a dance club tune, it needs to be stretched….otherwise I would have to take more time to come up with something to complain about here. Not knowing its specific genre or intended use, I can only say I like it as a musical work quite a bit.

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About Kowdermeister ( Tibor Szász )

Born in 1983 in Hungary, Tibor is a bedroom musician, producer. His main driving force is creation, no matter what. Beside music he writes software and he is also interested in generative arts. Tibor’s sound varies from dark techno to relaxing, ambient chillout tracks. The music he composes is diverse, he is not afraid to experiment.



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