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Lawrence Beamen – Round and Round

Lawrence Beamen – Round and Round

BeamenBeamenIn 2009, Lawrence Beamen made a successful appearance on
America’s Got Talent. In the interview before this performance (which won him a top 5 spot in the competition), Lawrence expressed how his voice is dedicated to his Southern roots. That evening, 44 million people didn’t just hear a voice from the South, but a voice that transcended the South. As his dense baritone massaged some of the lowest notes possible, he was met with immediate acclaim from all viewers.

Lawrence’s voice isn’t just deep. It’s big, heavy, and robust. He simply fills more air than other singers with both volume and sensuality. Lawrence chases these palpable characteristics in his new single “Round and Round.”

Rather than sticking with classic Southern anthems with sentimental string arrangements, Lawrence is moving to the club scene with an animated jazz band composition. The lyrical content is also purely social and modern, as Lawrence tells a story about meeting his dream girl and then overhearing her talk about him with equal admiration. All’s well that ends well, Lawrence.

As usual, Lawrence’s voice is colorful and rich: requiring no improvements and showing no deficiencies. The rest of the song, on the other hand, doesn’t do justice to Lawrence’s talent. The introductory baritone saxophone (which was obviously computerized) lingers for the entire song and interrupts Lawrence several times. Since Lawrence is a baritone singer and there’s a baritone saxophone playing at the same time, he has to share the low-end audio with a fake saxophone. Lawrence’s voice should not have to compete in his own track. His voice should be highlighted without obstacle and the music should be played by studio musicians (not ProTools). Take these steps and the whole song and it will improve dramatically.

At sixteen, Lawrence was approached by a woman at his church in Oakland CA who asked if he wanted to sing for Rosa Parks. He was deeply moved by the request, and the event caused him to believe that he could turn his love for music into a career. Determined to rise above his humble beginnings, Lawrence pursued his passion with an intense focus. He undertook classical vocal training and earned his masters degree in psychology. He sought out the top talent in the music industry, working in every capacity, from acting to singing to songwriting to producing. He viewed each opportunity as a chance to become a better artist.

But the road that led him here wasn’t always a smooth one. Lawrence Beamen was born in a small town in Vicsburg Mississippi, and began singing in the church at the tender age of six, where it was quickly apparent that he had a remarkable gift. He moved to California with his family at the age of twelve.

Lawrence was top 5 on NBC’s hit TV show America’s Got Talent, which garnered over 44 million viewers, Lawrence’s powerful rendition of “Ole Man River” evoked powerful emotions in viewers, and brought the studio audience to their feet. He won the hearts of the judges and received millions of votes from fans across America and around the world


Website (bio):!music-page/c1m1h

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