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Lazy Saturday Project brings a peaceful acoustic blend with “Oh Dear” [Acoustic Folk]

Lazy Saturday Project brings a peaceful acoustic blend with “Oh Dear” [Acoustic Folk]

LSP CovLSP CovListening to Lazy Saturday Project’s new single “Oh Dear,” it’s hard to imagine that this group originated in Indonesia of all places. This song feels like it should be played at a rustic barn wedding somewhere in the Midwest United States. This honest and kind acoustic ballad moves at a peaceful pace and maintains an authentic feel without falling into any love song clichés.  Most balladic songwriters could take a lesson from Lazy Saturday Project on how to keep their genre from going stale.

The chords of “Oh Dear” follows the same progressions as several folk songs. Lazy Saturday Project finds a way to make it catchier through a methodical finger picking, which returns to the same high strings even when the chords change. This is a pretty minimalist approach when it comes to fingerpicking, but it’s all this song really needs to flow effortlessly while still providing a memorable harmony.

This song accomplishes everything it sets out for. It’s a sweet, sentimental track that pulls the right heartstrings. The song’s derivative is natural and so is the resulting sound. I would encourage Lazy Saturday Project to carry on with his current formula. He should continue using his efficient fingerpicking to add the subtle “lead riff” effect on his songs. This is where “Oh Dear” gets its rhythmic gift that other folk songs fail to achieve.

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A music project by singer-songwriter,  multi instrumentalist, Bimo Murti. Based in Jakarta, Indonesia, after playing in several rock bands, he decided to set his own musical embarkment under the name ‘Lazy Saturday Project’. Within the genre of nu-folk, the songs are intended to be a reflection of many aspects in life that are played in a form of semi-acoustic, guitar-driven tunes. The self-titled EP debut were released on January 2014 with his single ‘Oh Dear’, and currently the album production is on the go.


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