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“Little Elf” by Chilli Cat Music / Future Boy (pop)

“Little Elf” by Chilli Cat Music / Future Boy  (pop)

Chilli Cat Music / Future Boy’s song “Little Elf” is a seasonal tune that deserves to be added to every Christmas lover’s playlist. The orchestral roots of the song bring a diverse tone to the track. Most pop Christmas songs incorporate a lot of digital effects. Chilli Cat Music forgoes the effects and instead focuses on the distinct instrumental arrangement. The rhythm is strong and definitely flows in the hallmark way a Christmas song should. The instrumental variety of this track, however, is what distinguishes it from others. 

The instrumental variety is diverse and plentiful. While this can easily go sideways for an artist and cause a cacophonous arrangement in the wrong hands, Chilli Cat Music proves that they know how to arrange the instrumentation in a way that is complimentary for each individual instrument. This allows each instrument to shine in their own way while still coming together to achieve harmony. Instrumentally, “Little Elf” is the very definition of “music to the ears.”  

Vocally and lyrically, “Little Elf” is strong, but it can be difficult to realize this as you run into a small problem when considering this part of the track. This problem, luckily, can be easily fixed. The vocals are strong, but are difficult to hear as the instrumentation overpowers the vocals. If Chilli Cat Music found the balance between the vocals and instrumentation, there is nothing stopping this song from being one of the top songs of the upcoming holiday season. 

That being said, while the vocals are hard to hear, they are unique and perfectly paired to the instrumental arrangement. Chilli Cat Music’s vocals are gruff which helps convey a roughness that is uncharacteristic for the genre, but works together well with the instrumentation to pull off an incredibly exceptional and listenable track. The vocals also have an honest tone. You can tell that Chilli Cat Music did not over-work the vocals and instead conveys their trustworthiness as an artist. 

While there is room for small improvements, largely, “Little Elf” by Chilli Cat Music is a standout track with surprising elements that help the track stand out in a sea of holiday remixes and retakes. Speaking for myself, I could definitely see this song playing in the background while my family and I open our gifts this holiday season. 


Chilli Cat Music / Future Boy is a mysterious pop duo made up of two brothers who have come together after two decades to create music that was inspired by the birth of a child close to them on Christmas Day in 2015.

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