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For the Love of Supernovas by Suleiman Mshelia

For the Love of Supernovas by Suleiman Mshelia

For the Love of Supernovas, a song categorized as alternative R&B was submitted by Suleiman Mshelia.  Alternative R&B is not a common genre that we hear about often, but the writer is spot on with the genre selection.  The New York born Nigerian/Egyptian singer is based in Chicago. His diverse upbringing and heritage are apparent as this artist attempts transition your ears from the norm to a surreal type of virtual environment.

The song begins with a few seconds of pure instrumental. The beat is full and has an enthusiastic tempo. The piano is sweet and well mellowed-out by the drum sequence characteristic of Rhythm and Blues music. Suleiman’s voice joins the beat and adds a raw, real feeling to it. Some may say his voice is floating through the airwaves and I would have to agree.

Based on just  his tone and lyric delivery, the song is very self expressive, hence the “alternative”. He delivers the emotion of appreciation for his partner and how well they vibe together. The message is that the love and vibes they have will always be between the two of them and it is not bound to this physical realm. It’s like love in a euphoric essence.

The upper and undertones are audible and discernible. However, the midtones slightly overwhelmed Suleiman’s voice. He definitely has a strong voice but the bass keeps his voice from pushing through. The guitar is an excellent accompaniment. Overall, the beat in For the Love of Supernovas matches the artiste’s level of expression and the producer did a really good job.

Suleiman’s vocals won’t be widely accepted to all new listeners. I believe the listener will grow to appreciate the risk he took to make a track that is unique. His voice is strong but may need slightly more control.  R&B music tends to have characteristics of the artist being able to smoothly transition from a low pitch to a high pitch in the blink of an eye. I would be interested in hearing more, only to experience the full vocal range capabilities.

For the Love of Supernovas is a nice love song. It is real, authentic and definitely alternative R&B. With a little more work on the vocals and balancing the beat, Suleiman could be sought after on a wide scale. He seems to very dedicated to his craft and with that being said, I’m sure there are plenty of track waiting to surface, each one being even more unique than the previous.

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