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Love to the World produced by Tall Black Guy Productions

Love to the World produced by Tall Black Guy Productions

For those that are tuned into under ground hip hop… what is the first thing you think of when I say “Tall Black Guy Productions”? If I am speaking an urban slang dialect, I’d say fresh tracks or dope beats. In my proper alter ego, I might make the reference… musical masterpieces. No matter how you say it, the fact remain the same, Tall Black Guy is a phenomenal producer that continues to intrigue thousands of fans, including myself. This leads us into the purpose of why we are here!

Terrel Wallace better known as Tall Black Guy Productions (TBGP) Terrel Wallace better known as Tall Black Guy Productions (TBGP) has produced yet another melodic tone that keeps the head nodding. If I was LL Cool J right now, I would say Milky… cereal, baby, because this track is definitely milky smooth. After listening to “Love to the World,” I came to the conclusion that, this track is really just an extension of the signature sound that TBGP has already worked hard to build and maintain. Too expect anything not great, should not even be considered.

The title “Love to the World” already suggests a strong sense of emotions and once the beat begins, my eager ear is glued. From the very start the drum rhythm reminds of a military cadence which in my eyes, portray strength, or better yet, the strength of an emotion we call love. Within 10 to 20 seconds, I found myself wrapped in the sound of one sustained organ key and the highly favored pulsating Fender Rhodes. At this point, I have already decided that this is a great track. The only thing that could make this better would be for me to sit on the top of a mountain overlooking the ocean, listening to this in stereo sound.

It’s amazing how intricate this track really is, and yet, each sound is in the melting pot of a melodic orchestra. This track must have a strong personal meaning to TBG, because this is one of those tracks that can only be produced from within the emotions of the soul. It’s almost like each instrument is a voice telling it’s own story about experiences in this world, but they all agree on one commonality, love is powerful. Then all the voices hold hands, and go skipping through the park. Enjoy the wide array of opportunities in this world while you still can.

Is this description far stretched?  …possibly, but, that’s my interpretation. I lost count trying to number the sounds blended into this track and my ear is probably off today, but hear we go:

– Kick + Snare
– Organ (one pressed key)
– Fender Rhodes
– Clap
– Open High hat splashed close
– Static
– Bass
– 1:16: Electronic bleeps (fizzle)
– 1:21 – Chimes
– Piano
– Strings (not sure of exact type)
– Trumpet
– Multiple Hits
– Vocal sample – saying “Love… to the world”
– Xylophone (maybe)
– Other vocal samples and some sounds I can’t exactly describe

This track is definitely a solid track, but then again what did you expect? Love to the World has over 5,000 sound cloud plays.  On a rough estimate this puts Tall Black Guy Productions (TBGP) at over 49,000 plays on sound cloud alone. The numbers don’t lie, so if you haven’t heard “Love to the World” or any of the other dynamically produced tracks by TBGP, then I recommend you do..

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Read more about Tall Black Guy Productions:

Terrel Wallace aka Tall Black Guy Productions was birthed from humble beginnings in Detroit, MI and homegrown on a diet of Motown, jazz and early hip-hop. From his home base in Chicago, IL, TBG has performed and won numerous beat battles, most notably the “Dance to the Drummers Beat” and “Red Bull Big Tune” beat battle of 07. With the tangible beginnings of worldwide recognition, Tall Black Guy has established himself to be one of the most influential producers from Chicago.

2011 has seen TBG’s first vinyl releases with bstrd boots and First Word Records, plus projects with artists like: the 80s Babies (Dee ‘Shogun’ Jackson) The Primeridian, Malice & Mario Sweet, DJ Vadim and The Electric, Cilla K and Shev Rock.

Find Tall Black Guy Productions

Sound Cloud Page:
Twitter Account Name:!/_TallBlackGuy
Facebook Page:!/TallBlackGuyProductions
For beat inquiries/booking/etc…Contact:, manager

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