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SoundCloud Music Reviews: Marshall Stone “Good times never fade” [Rock]

SoundCloud Music Reviews: Marshall Stone “Good times never fade” [Rock]
SoundCloud Music Reviews: Marshall Stone "Good times never fade"

SoundCloud Music Reviews: Marshall Stone "Good times never fade" SoundCloud Music Reviews: Marshall Stone “Good times never fade”

Music is always evolving and since the 50’s has widely become one of the most popular genres of music even though early on it had roots heavily influenced by rhythm and blues and country music.

As one starts playing the song, ‘Good Times Never Fade’ may seem like just an ordinary country song with the instruments. However, when Marshall Stone begins singing, he breathes life into the song and its “Let Go” theme. Marshall combines the rich country music band sound with a more new age rock feel which very few artists have successfully managed to do. The song may not be centered on him but it tells the tale of a young man about his age trying to break free from his metaphoric chains and simply have fun. This could be a song based on a personal experience or his perspective of freedom.

The song starts off on a relatively high key and a fast tempo bring a party and dancing mood where the listener ends up snapping their fingers or tapping their feet. He then comes in with his vocals alone but to be joined later by the backup vocalists. The fast tempo and high key of the song greatly complement the theme as one can just dance to it without even listening to the lyrics. His vocals also give off the same effect as they greatly complement the instruments playing. His intonation doesn’t vary much and the only big change only comes in as he jumps from the verse to the bridge then finally the chorus. He is constantly on a high key and a fast tempo till the end of the song where it fades out at the end. Simply put, Marshall has mastered the art of making a crowd lively with not just instruments but his vocals too.

On listening keenly though, it turns out to be a story about not just a fun time too but a romantic experience with a lady. He tells the story in a vivid manner leaving nothing to chance ensuring the listener can picture the story in their head. The dual theme of the song is a bit confusing though as the listener has very little time to synthesize that the persona is no longer speaking about good times letting go but rather good times with a girl. The audio recording for the song is very clear though making it very high quality. Despite the use of the many music instruments, he still manages to keep a crisp clear recording of all of it meaning one can hear every instrument as it is being played.

Marshall is very professional in his delivery in the song and choses to keep the language very moderate. The song however is guaranteed to make listeners all over the world stand up and want to dance to it. The content is suitable for all universal listening and he keeps the content very simple too. This make it a very family friendly tune too.

Marshall Stone is a singer and songwriter at just 22 years old. He has been a music writer since his preteens having a collection of over 150 pieces and own compositions. He lives in Baltimore but is currently on tour to promote his new music album.

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Full Bio:
Marshall Stone, a 22-year-old singer songwriter from Westminster, Maryland wrote an estimated 150 songs by the time he was 15.He has been writing music since his pre-teens and wrote around 150 songs by the time he was out of high school. With this group, he performed at high profile festivals, benefits, and other events.

During 2013, Marshall joined a Westminster band, Los Swamp Monsters, and performed on vocals and guitar. Throughout that year, Marshall worked on a Song a Day project, in which he focused on writing one song per day for as long as possible. By the time that project winded down, he had enough songs to work with to record his debut album. Featuring a unique mix of rock, country, singer-songwriter and americana music, Good Times Never Fade features performances by keyboardist Rami Jaffee of The Foo Fighters, along with singer-songwriter Shane Gamble, guitarist Bryan Ewald, and drummer Mike Dawson (Editor of Modern Drummer). In July of 2014, Marshall appeared in a DC rock musical, Rock Bottom [A Rock Opus], a Landless Theatre Company production. After his performances at Power Plant Live in Westminster throughout the summer, Marshall is currently on tour promoting his new album, Good Times Never Fade.

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