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Marshall Stone – “How You See It All”

Marshall Stone – “How You See It All”

Marshall StoneMarshall StoneEvery past era of popular music is bound to make a resurgence at some point. We’ve seen plenty of 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s revival in this millennium…but not much 90’s yet. However, whenever the 90’s revival does happen, just remember that Marshall Stone was leading the pack with his single “How You See It All” off of his new album Good Times Never Fade.

Like many 90’s pop rock singers, Marshall Stone has a voice that’s gimmick-less and straight to the point. There’s no need for him to dress it up in production or to feign any kind of accent. And though Marshall Stone’s voice doesn’t wrap itself in any genre staple, his sound does produce a hybrid style of two popular styles: pop country and 90’s alternative. His songwriting hints towards a country or heartland rock style, but it’s more relevant to today’s youth. On the other hand, his distorted guitar work features no “twang” to fully put his music in the country genre. His middle-of-the-road approach opens the door to attract an easy-listening pop audience as well as a country crossover. Due to the many listeners for both of these styles, Marshall Stone might have found an ultimate gold mine to grow a fan base from.

Marshall Stone already has attracted the attention from esteemed artists such as Rami Jaffee (Foo Fighters) and Shane Gamble, both of which helped produce “How You See It All” and the rest of his Good Times Never Fade album. If that wasn’t enough, Mike Dawson (the editor of Modern Drummer magazine) actually played drums on the album. This is a pretty good start for a 22-year-old Baltimore native at the beginning of his career. If this is any indicator of future stardom, you should probably check out Marshall Stone now before everyone else.

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Marshall Stone, a 22-year-old singer-songwriter from Westminster, Maryland wrote an estimated 150 songs by the time he was 15. From 2007 to 2010, he performed as a singer and multi-instrumentalist with the Baltimore School of Rock and as a member of their show team. With this group, he performed at high profile festivals, benefits, and other events.

During 2013, Marshall joined a Westminster band, Los Swamp Monsters, and performed on vocals and guitar. Throughout that year, Marshall worked on a Song a Day project, in which he focused on writing one song per day for as long as possible. By the time that project winded down, he had enough songs to work with to record his debut album. Featuring a unique mix of rock, country, singer-songwriter and americana music, Good Times Never Fade features performances by keyboardist Rami Jaffee of The Foo Fighters, along with singer-songwriter Shane Gamble, guitarist Bryan Ewald, and drummer Mike Dawson (Editor of Modern Drummer). In July of 2014, Marshall appeared in a DC rock musical, Rock Bottom [A Rock Opus], a Landless Theatre Company production. After performing at Power Plant Live in Baltimore throughout the summer, Marshall is currently touring in support of his new album, Good Times Never Fade, and he is looking forward to meeting new fans on the road!

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