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Holy Hip Hop

SoundCloud Music Reviews: Mike Body – The Restoration [Holy Hip-Hop]

SoundCloud Music Reviews: Mike Body – The Restoration  [Holy Hip-Hop]
SoundCloud Music Reviews: Mike Body – The Restoration

SoundCloud Music Reviews: Mike Body – The Restoration SoundCloud Music Reviews: Mike Body – The Restoration

Holy Hip-Hop aka Christian Rap music hasn’t seen much shift in position over the years in regards to popularity. This genre is very relevant to spiritual health and wealth. The music remain profanity free, typically has an uplifting message and can even make you bounce to the beat. Most people only hear of the chart climbing Lecrae. Mike Body is a holy hip-hop general in his own right.

The Restoration,  a new track by Mike Body reflects the deep roots in Mike’s life, talking about how his sins and fleshly ways on a daily basis, causes him to seek God’s forgiveness. He knows he isn’t perfect and confesses this everyday. The Restoration brings examples to light such as posting a picture online that may send the wrong example of a Christian life and about people of the church that sin. It is generally a good message but you have to read between the lines to figure out the meaning, which may have different meanings to different people.  Christian music has often been viewed as being too preachy. Mike brought up an interesting topic, that there are different preachers teaching different messages.  If any of them are preaching hate, then the people that follow them blindly are just as much a sinner as the preacher himself.


This kind of music isn’t for everyone although it’s intended to reach the masses; you have to like Rap/Hip-Hop and Christian music in order to like it, which means this music will reach a limited amount of the world’s population.  It’s no different than any other genre and their “likeability” reach. People like what they like and sometimes never venture into other streams of music. it doesn’t mean the music is bad. Rap in general has a “Bad Rap” in some eyes.

Mike has a very good delivery and keeps a steady pace throughout the song. If you are a fan of Phanatik from Cross Movement, then you will enjoy Mike Body’s music.They both have that punchiness and seasoned flow and yes the messages are similar: prayers of thankfulness, repentance, and faithfulness to a Higher Being (GOD). Phanatik and Mike could do some damage together.


The quality of the recording is exceptional and I am diggin the track production. The mix is not bad. Mike’s voice gets a little lost in the chorus, but this could just be the need to mix that section down a little differently.  I’d like to hear some sparkle of highs on the vocal, only because his voice is so deep. I didn’t find a surprise factor in this particular track such as a drastic beat change up, vocal shifting, surprise guest, etc.  I’m not sure what that surprise factor should be but overall Mike Body is someone to keep on the future radar. If you like Toby Mac, Grits or even Lecrae then Mike should be added to the playlist.  Cross movement would be proud to enlist a “Mike Body.”

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