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Milana – “Sunny Days”

Milana – “Sunny Days”

Milana  – January 2013 Official SoundCloud Hero (Canada)

The hustle and bustle of every-day life can be brought to a gradual stroll, a breath of fresh air, with just the right melody and pacing. Cars slow down, people stop talking, and the mind lulls into a dream. Milana’s chamber piano work and voice combine to create just the right antidote for the drag of the day’s agony and stress. With a background in rock and jazz, Zilnik’s song “Sunny Days” is a contained but majestic piano and flute ensemble looking at gleams of sunshine through leafy tree limbs on a summer afternoon. The distant swells of soft synths are like early morning daylight shining on dew in the grass.

Milana’s  formal music education in Ukraine and playing by ear gives her musicality inflections and accents that are classical in nature, underlining a rich, hazy voice lodged in deep soul while still coming up for air in a dense falsetto. The improvisational characteristics of her piano playing make it playful but earnest and meaningful, a direct translation of the heart to the fingertips. The echoing atmosphere of “Sunny Days” strips it clean of streamlined, formulaic production approaches in popular music, letting the piano hum and the flute whistle with the lush belting of her vocal chords. The marriage of these elements makes the song flow like a collective river, all of them melded together while still distinguishable.

“Sunny Days” bring to mind comparisons with Norah Jones and Alicia Keys, but with a much fuller and more genuine approach. It hunts at bountiful treasures to be found on her full-length albums.

Fast Facts about Milana

– January 2013, named the official  SoundCloud Hero (the only Canadian one) for being one of the most influential and active members of SoundCloud community.
– Born in Ukraine, lived in Israel for 17 years and moved to Canada in 2008.
– Playing piano since I was four and graduated musical school with honors.
– Currently in the process of recording her 3rd album!

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