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Mindeyes: “Search For The Reason”

Mindeyes: “Search For The Reason”

mindeyes2mindeyes2There’s always a buzz going on about Scandinavian bands and how they produce such diverse music at astonishing ease. However, you usually don’t hear much about Finland in comparison to its neighboring countries. Also, you don’t often hear about the hard rock scene in Finland. Allow Mindeyes to give you a taste.

Mindeyes is a full homage to hard rock music, featuring harmonized guitar leads, heavy distortion, and enough crash cymbals to chip your eardrums. The standout of this group is Marko Mannermaa, the angelic singer who has just enough manly bass in his voice to sing for a band like Mindeyes.

“Search For The Reason” is the first track from their album Higher Voices. “Search For The Reason” is a throwback to 80’s hardcore gone pop. This is a song that could be playing when Sylvester Stallone wins the arm-wrestling match in Over the Top or at any point during Wet Hot American Summer.

The sound quality for this track is really good. The guitar tones are clear and you can pick out each instrument distinctly. From what I can tell, Mindeyes knows what sound they want to produce. They know which music they prefer and they are sticking to that sound. Therefore, this band is perfect for a specific audience that also appreciates the pop metal of thirty years ago. So in conclusion, as long as there are enough people who find this genre equally engaging in 2014, Mindeyes has got it all figured out.

Mindeyes is a rock band hailing from Oulu, Finland. If you’re looking for mindblowing pure melodic rock, seek no more – Mindeyes is here!

01-Search For The Reason by mindeyesband


Marko Mannermaa – vocals, harmonica
Jussi Tohmola – lead guitar, backing vocals
Tommi Tyvelä – guitar
Teemu Vedenoja – bass, backing vocals
Antti Itkonen – keyboards
Jouni Itkonen – drums, percussions

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