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Missed Calls by Aurelia June Mickael [Pop]

Missed Calls by Aurelia June Mickael [Pop]

“Missed Calls” by Aurelia June Mickael is an extraordinarily original pop song that stands out among a sea of competitors. Pop is the genre of the moment, and pop songs are a dime a dozen. To stand out in a crowd, a pop track must possess creativity and range. “Missed Calls” has both. 

Beginning with Mickael’s memorable vocals, the track presents a unique listening experience. The vocal melody is unique with the vocals layered on top of one another. This adds variety to the track and further intensifies the haunting quality the track takes on. The breathy vocals make you feel like you’re in a small, cozy venue outside with flickering lights twinkling above you as you take in the song. This intimate feeling connects listeners to the track and gets their attention. This breathy quality also detracts from the track at points as Mickael’s diction gets blurred making it hard to hear what the lyrics are saying. This could easily be improved by Mickael finding a middle ground between intimacy in her vocals and clarity. 

That being said, although there are points of obscuration, the lyrics are creative and really help further paint the melancholy tone of the track. With lyrics such as, “…there’s nothing left here, wish I had weeks, I cannot stand in this fear,” listeners are guided on a familiar journey of heartbreak and grief. Aurelia June Mickael’s performance quality shines through the track as you feel her raw emotions. This emotional honesty brings a layer of depth to the track few artists achieve. 

Instrumentally the track is strong with a rhythm that is easy going, but engaging. The instrumental intro flows to the ears and lulls the listener in paving the perfect path for the lyrical entrance. Once the vocals begin, the instrumental arrangement proves to be a good match, pairing well with the lyrics and helping further aid the overarching tone of the piece. 

Aurelia June Mickael displays raw talent on her track “Missed Calls.” This talent and unbeatable determination is a winning combination that makes for incredible tracks that appeal to a wide variety of listeners. At this rate, Aurelia June Mickael is set to make a mark in Pop history. 


    Aurelia June Mickael is a singer songwriter from Charlotte, North Carolina. 

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