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“Ms Extra Credit” by Narcoticz (Rap)

“Ms Extra Credit” by Narcoticz  (Rap)

“Ms Extra Credit” by Narcoticz is a rap/hiphop track that has energy, but needs a little work. The beat is catchy and has the common characteristics of today’s rap scene although the tonality of the track is what is resilient and proves to be the highpoint of this particular track. 

The biggest area of improvement for “Ms Extra Credit” boils down to the inconsistent recording and production quality. When it comes to the chorus, the recording quality is genuinely amazing. The vocal melody comes across clear and husky. These two traits are hugely beneficial to the track. However, when you get to the actual verses, the production and recording quality dips dramatically. The lack of quality causes Narcoticz’s vocals to become flat and listless. If the recording quality were to be improved when it came to the verses, the track would be improved tenfold. 

Lyrically, I can’t complain, each artist will develop content that is real to them and content that makes sense to them. Obviously he loves his girl and wants to brag with lyrics and such as, “…I give my girl mad extra credit. She make anyone’s head snap back. Understand, she really clap back,” you can easily conjure up the imagery.

The lyrics are taken away from at times due to the layering of digital effects. Particularly, the way the artist chose to layer the vocal clip, “that’s that cloud 9 music.” This particular vocal clip comes across as random and interferes with the rest of the track.

My true thought is that, the track was downloaded and not fully leased, because it sounds like a producer tag… “that’s that cloud 9 music.”

Overall, Narcoticz shows some potential, but his vocal delivery skills and timing needs to improve, which comes with time and effort. When an artist has the fundamental building blocks of their track well-built, any and all other flaws are easily fixed because the talent and the originality is there.

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Narcoticz is a Hip Hop artist who started his music career in NYC Harlem. Narcoticz’s goal is to set a permanent mark on the music world so that his music is played for years to come.


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