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New urban era recently hit up one of the UK’s founders of the jungle scene Bay b kane .

New urban era recently hit up one of the UK’s founders of the jungle scene Bay b kane .

Bay b kane as made a massive impact this year on the future jungle scene with releases on previously reviewed label TOP DRAWER DIGITAL and BOOMSHA RECORDINGS.

So after transforming the jungle scene and introducing it to the main stream with his remix of the Corgis ‘EVERYBODY’S GOT TO LEARN SOMETIME ‘” is future jungle a new chapter in Bay b kane’s production career “we asked.

Bay b kane  “Future Jungle is not necessarily the next chapter but rather more like
a welcome & worthy addition to the many styles & concepts that already exist within Jungle…
and it has something like a street code reversed meaning to the title a bit like bad meaning good!
Because it’s about taking the tempo back to the original days by slowing it down to between 140 to 150 bpm but keeping the overall sound moving forwards & ever evolving combined with the latest production techniques although Future Jungle may possibly mean slightly different things to different people so I’ll just say that this is my personal view & understanding of what FJ is about.”

Between the years 1989 & 1997 Bay b Kane produced 200+ titles on vinyl & CD working alongside artists such as Mickey Finn ,Peshay , In-Perfection ,Tango & Ratty to name a few .

Making his comeback in March 2010 we asked “how are you finding the digital generation and the ever growing mp3 labels”

Bay b Kane “The digital age & the massive advancements within the software development technologies is absolutely great
as far as I’m concerned & even the fact that almost anyone can afford to build a basic studio setup these days
is also good but of course there’s a down side to this because no matter how up to date your software & or your computer hardware & so on is not everyone can create good music but today there is also the additional factor that almost anyone can start a digital label…This is where the whole thing starts to run into problems! Because each and every week there are literally thousands of new releases & whilst lets say 90{41e357fed0c84f9247e7e029c2544c4f4d2795d9dff547b874d0988202651dd4} of them are garbage do most people really have the time & patience to work their way through an ocean of dreadful to mediocre tunes to find the gems they are looking for?…or will they just give it a miss instead? In addition to what I have said already there’s also the fact that people don’t value a digital download like they would a physical type of media like CDs or vinyl you know something that you can actually hold & look at & play then put it back in your record box or CD rack or whatever & so a lot of good music simply does not get the attention it deserves and often just gets lost within that vast ocean of Garbage to put it bluntly!”

Well there is just one more question I’m sure the readers would like to know “And the killer question what did the corgis think to your remix that transformed the jungle scene

Bay b kane “Haha :D) … well to be completely honest i have no idea!!! But I hope that they liked it if indeed they somehow got to hear it (which I seriously doubt!)
I’m what you might call a sample freak & I love to take a sample be it a vocal or a sound a melody whatever, anything that strikes a chord within me so to speak especially in an emotional sense.
What I love most is capturing that emotion within that sample and then transferring it into a brand new creation as the emotions or the vibes within the sample will then spark a whole bunch of ideas & inspiration within me to create a new track.
My personal view is that there’s a vast difference between sampling a few moments in time and capturing the feeling and meaning within those few moments to spark inspiration to create something brand new to blatantly ripping off someone else’s work & calling it your own! Therefore my motto has always been since day one that if ever somebody, anybody feels that they want to come at me for something which i may have sampled from within a recording of theirs then don’t hold back in fact step right up! But if someone ever does take such a stance against me they better be sure that their cause is just & that what they may stand to lose does not outweigh what they hope to gain! That’s my word & my philosophy on the subject of sampling.



The track starts with a nice vibes and intelligent drums dropping into a classic roller with a sweet repetitive female vocal driving the bass throughout, with melodic glass pads and a touch of country and western whistle this track will keep a dance floor bopping but is just the job if you want to kick back and just listen and soak in the vibes. [soundcloud url=”″ iframe=”true” /]


 D-Audi Liquid Sky – Bay B Kane’s VIP Remix/ Boomsha Recording 

The intro having a vinyl retro piano pad you would never expect this track to drop into the roller it is with well placed subs and sliced beats to precision the track takes you back to the original mix by D-Audio . Adding more flavour  through the track this one defiantly keeps your ears  alert . Another great remix from B B K .[soundcloud url=”″ iframe=”true” /]


Time Travel – A Way Of Life (Bay B Kane VIP) / Boomsha recordings                                                 

   This is my favorite from the reviews keeping you on edge wanting more BBK had this track worked out before even asking if he could remix it I would imagine .While keeping  the original sweeps and pads from Jules time travels original BBK as made this his own with his signature sub basses and masterful drum programming  this track will  sit perfect in any DJ set .[soundcloud url=”″ iframe=”true” /]


On a whole Bay b kane is a down to earth guy with a big passion for his music , he may have a modest  amount of plays on his sound cloud account but this just strengthens the fact he spends his time on music  rather than spamming day and night just to get plays and likes which sadly so many artists do today .  He is also a very keen soundclouder  so you never know he may be listening to one of your tracks NOW .









Bay B Kane Label Afilliations July 2012

Junglist Manifesto Recordings (Canada)

Top Drawer Digital (UK)

Labelless Records (USA)

Modern Urban Jazz (UK)

Dub Chamber Recordings (USA)

Junglelivity Records (Germany)

Boomsha Recordings (UK)

Digital Acetate (UK)

Re – Shifted Records (UK / Spain)

Perpetual Recordings (UK)

Mashed Youths Records (Russia)

Mast Net Label (Serbia)

Label Afilliations of the Past

T.U.F Records (UK)

Break The Limits (UK)

XL-Recordings (UK)

Ruff Guidance Records (UK)

Whitehouse Records (UK)

Kikman Records (UK)

Jack In The Box (UK)

Pro One Records (UK)

Reinforced Records (UK)

Paradise Records (UK)

Ruff Diamond Records (UK)

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