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Drum n' Bass

New Urban ERA Tune in and meet the Konflict Kartel

KONFLICT RADIO  Underground internet radio station has been on the net waves for 3 years and as built a strong core following in this short time .they now host their own events and work alongside many established festivals and event promoters within the UK.

I thought i should find out more about the station and who better to ask than JAYTEE  KONFLICT RADIO’S creator.


“The name Konflict radio sounds dark, is this image you are looking to portray to your listeners “


JAYTEE replied “I’m glad you asked that question Vic. We at Konflict are all music lovers and like most music enthusiasts we are a very chilled group of like minded people who want to get our music heard. The reason we chose Konflict as our brand was other stations had labelled them self’s as specific genre music stations but Konflict radio is all about bringing the Konflict of interests in music together. So our station caters for all dance music genres and the format seems to be working with the Konflict Cartel growing daily.

 Vic b “cool. So how do you see Konflict growing outside the radio broadcasting”

Jaytee ” we at Konflict love New urban eras concept and Will always offer our support with your community projects , we also Will be offering our services to other community projects and charity events , we have already set dates for the African appeal project in 2012  . So yes we defiantly will be expanding outside the radio broadcast side of things.

 Vic b “when you say the Cartel wants to get there music heard can you explain this some more?”

Jaytee ” apart from playing other artists music a lot of the Cartel are also music producers using the station to showcase their own tracks and also providing a platform for other up and coming producers by airing there music during the shows ”




DJ BEADYbeadybeady

Dj Beady based in Birmingham UK has been producing since 2010 specialising in Drum & bass, break beat & dub step .

Starting his position at Konflict Radio 3 years ago dj Beady as helped form the station to what it is today and currently host’s his Sunday roast show  every Sunday 4pm till 6pm. He made his mark in music production with his future breaks track PREDITOR which was signed to Blurred Edge records gaining enough attention for dj Beady to see he holds a firm place in the break beat scene.

Dj beady says “it’s all about the drum & bass this year so expect reggae and beats, amen breaks, liquid and jump up from the beady camp”


Yes Dj Beady as took this classic reggae track up the tempo and turned it into a drum and bass dance floor bouncer.

With no intro Beady slams strait into this one with powerful kicks, snares and a driving sub bass throughout the track, Beady as added a modulated bass to take the track direct to Drum & Bass fanatics and there dance arenas. Along with some clever arranging and effects accompanying  the classic vocals perfect.
[soundcloud url=”″ iframe=”true” /]





“I’ve been producing since about 2000 but only really started taking it slightly seriously a couple of years ago “

Signed to creepy cuts and releases on unjustified records , future tone , bludclot recordings , and recently got signed on labelless records with his first vinyl release out this year .

DEFAULT may not be taking his production seriously but the music industry is and the signings prove it, with a wealth of free downloads  on his soundcloud account to complement his signed and future releases he is defiantly one of konflicts  jewels in there crown with his monthly radio slot first Tuesday every month 8pm till 10 pm.

All i can say is look out the drum & bass, jungle scene as i think Default is about to get serious



This track is a pleasure to hear with a real feel for reggae as it was meant to be with Hammond keyboards brass section and the signature reggae stab added with the sweet vocal you already have a classic.

But it don’t stop there Default as produced a jungle masterpiece with his amen breaks carefully edited to push this track to a precise perfection and its on free download so grab it wile you can .


[soundcloud url=”″ height=”200″ iframe=”true” /]



konflict radio events 2012

15th June Africa Fundraiser Event , Club PST, Digbeth Birmingham . Konflict Radio will be hosting Room 2 alongside Raider of the Old Skool.

 29th June – 1st July : Beatherder Festival, Lancashire . Konflict Radio will be broadcasting and recording all the actsin the Trailer Trash tent at this years festival.

21st July : New Urban Eras Graffitti Jam, Tamworth Graf Tunnels. Konflict Radio alongside New Urban Era will be hosting one of the tunnels at this years Graf Jam.

14th Sept – 16thsept : Pendle Imp Festival, Lancashire . This year we have the Konflict Tent, highlighting the live eleemtns of our music with live bands and DJ’s throughout the weekend.             Konflict Radio are also teaming up with Best Joined Up graffitti crew to host a 2nd marquee at this festival, showcasing local graffitti and djing talents.
17th Nov : Africa Fundraiser Event Part3 , Club PST, Digbeth Birmingham . Konflict Radio will be hosting Room 2 alongside Raider of the Old Skool.
 by vic b
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