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Nick Cosic – Thinking About Tonight

Nick Cosic – Thinking About Tonight


Nick CosicNick CosicSo what do you now about the electronic scene in Serbia? Okay, I know nothing about it either. Either way, Beograd’s own legendary producer Nick Cosic has been representing Serbian electronica for almost 20 years. In 1999, Nick Cosic topped the DNB chart for (long before EDM was as fashionable as it is now). Today, Nick Cosic continues to strengthen his veteran status by coming back with another exciting song: a new-age trance jam “Thinking About Tonight.”

Although I am classifying this song as an EDM track, its production is definitely in a more mellow arena. “Thinking About Tonight” is built with a repetitive house beat and synthesized vocoder lyrics. However, it’s not appropriate electronica for a club setting. This song is multilayered with many riffs and instruments that enter, leave, resurface, and then leave again. All of these layers are raw and simple. The delayed funk guitar has no trace of pedals or studio influence. The computerized beats are dry and primitive. Even still, having a dynamic sound product isn’t what Nick Cosic is shooting for in this track. Rather, it’s the hypnosis of the song’s content that enhances the subtle changes within the song cycle.

Just as “Thinking About Tonight” is a lyrical reflection of an evening’s events, this song’s interchanging elements forces the listener to dig into their own memory. As one riff exits and another re-enters, the listener tries to remember if this exact combination of sounds has already been used. You’ve been hearing the one repetitive beat frame the entire time, so it’s hard to remember exactly how the “original” riff sounded. Before you can recall, the mix changes again and you’re left with the same thoughts.

I thought that “Thinking About Tonight” played a very clever trick with listeners’ minds. I was surprised by Nick Cosic’s cerebral approach to this track and I hope he has more of this up his sleeve.

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Back in XX century, I used to be – no1 on DNB chart on in ’99. Two ethno-ambient-dnb-electronica albums released. Featured on’s official best music CD which was biggest online independent music resource at the time. Track reviewed by XLR8r mag and others.

Current incarnation is electronic music production using 50+ analog synths, effects, mixers I’ve collected over the past 20 years while developing my web development company currently employing 15 people.


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