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“No Control” by Post-Punk band Hertz Complex

“No Control” by Post-Punk band Hertz Complex

hertz-complexhertz-complexThe Hertz Complex, a four-man band from Cork, Ireland, are creating ripples in the ever-changing world of music.

These four young men bring to listeners their unique brand of post-punk music, developed from a mix of punk rock influences such as The Chameleons, Joy Division, Whipping Boy and Howling Wolf. They artfully toss into the mix their Celtic musical persuasions. The overall result is an eclectic version of post punk rock with a standout, Celtic feel.

Neil O’Keefe (lead vocals), Paul Keane (guitar), Benjamin Balan (drums) and Chris Keelan (bass) have released No Control, a track that showcases the band’s divergent musical influences. It is also a showcase of the band’s emotional insights.

The track reflects the band’s passionate dedication to its craft. Neil O’Keefe captures the edgy elements of post-punk with his grunge-like vocals. His powerful, excitable voice resonates with certainty.

Paul Keane and Chris Keelan add to defining, powerful interfacing guitar rhythms. With professionalism, the two definitely highlight the restive nature of the song, playing slow, dynamic, and aerial guitar rhythms with accuracy. Balan drums with precision, providing the driving rhythm that complements the compelling guitar sound.

The emotional lyrics, written by O’Keefe and Keane, clearly reflect the deviant nature of post punk.The two men have an incomparable songwriting partnership. Words in No Control reveal the inner recesses of a wandering, tense mind. With skittish clarity, O’Keefe sings about youthful rebellion and feeling lost. He asks “……if I am losing my way…..” The lyrics tell of the need for freedom and the lack of control we sometimes feel.

This recording shows digital mastery and is excellent. The guitar interface is properly amplified, and the vocals upped with precision. Balan’s drum beats are exact and clearly heard. A draw of No Control is ponderous, ethereal guitar interface.

With such astounding quality, it is unsurprising that The Hertz Complex has a growing multitude of fans. The band will make waves with festival appearances and a performance at the Whisky A-Go-Go in LA. The music of this highly anticipated EP, which producers will feature in a movie soundtrack, is definitely a must-listen for fans of punk rock.


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The four-piece aim to bring a forgotten passion back into music and this musical salvation has certainly been delivered – an ever-growing army of fans, festival appearances and a headline slot at LA’s legendary Whisky A Go Go are testament to that fact. The Hertz Complex’s highly anticipated debut EP comes on the back of news that one of their songs will be featured in a movie soundtrack, another sure sign that this band are making music that is essential listening.


Neil – Vocals + Guitar
Paul – Lead Guitar and Vocals
Chris – Bass
Ben – Drums

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