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Official SoundCloud Chicago Meetup

Official SoundCloud Chicago Meetup

SoundCloud Chicago Meetup- May 3SoundCloud Chicago Meetup- May 3This release outlines the details of the upcoming SoundCloud meetup, a gathering of artists and producers who use the SoundCloud medium to distribute songs and albums to the public. It is designated to be a networking opportunity for people within the creative spectrum who specifically use this format as circulation.


04/15/2013 —Let your mind loose with sound creators from all walks of life with one common factor: SoundCloud. Climb into an incubator of like-minded individuals, artists and producers who use the SoundCloud’s streaming service, and network. Bring tracks, business cards, and an open mind.

The magic will commence at Big River Recording Company, 2444 W. 16th ST, CHICAGO, IL 60608, SoundCloud Chicago Meetup’s official sponsor. Big River Recording Company an atmosphere facilitated for hungry and restless artists to maximize their potential and watch their imaginations materialize. With the best of analog and digital recording equipment in a comfortable and affordable creative environment, the studio tears down all borders for visions to flow.

The meetup is hosted by Fayth, manager of Instagram Chicago Group, Earl Watts, Chicago’s 89.3FM/WNUR and jazzy lounge internet radio broadcast, and Ricky White, head mastermind of SoundCloud Music Reviews.

SoundCloud Music Reviews is a website dedicated to reviewing the music of artists and producers using the SoundCloud platform. It also conducts and hosts audio-based interviews with the artists, giving them the opportunity to speak about their work and what makes them unique. SoundCloud Music Reviews is not affiliated with SoundCloud and is not officially endorsed by SoundCloud.

Please RSVP by using one of the following:



Big River Recording Company
2444 W. 16th ST,


Ricky White

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