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“On Me” – Chris Tylr (pop)

“On Me” – Chris Tylr (pop)

“On Me” by Chris Tylr starts out fairly promising with just the beat and then once the vocals begin, things change. The song loses it’s flavor and drive.

The music backing itself is not bad, but since we can tell that it is a stock track and not quite sculpted for this particular song, it could use some modifications. The vocal skills are not quite mature enough to pull the song through. With some dedication and professional vocal training, Chris would likely sound different in a few years. If we take the lyrics and ask a professional singer to revamp this track, then the entire presentation would be more impactful.

Chris artists is truly a newbie, but I give him credit for being bold enough to submit this track for review. If the lyrics written expose another variation of his talent, then, it’s possible that writing songs could be a strong component of his future in music.

Chris Tylr said ‘It’s a song that inspired me emotionally with it’s bass line and pop melody.’ What do you this about this 15 year old artist?

Bio:There is not much to say about 15 year-old Chris Tylr but you can listen to more of their music from their SoundCloud account here:

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