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OPUS 88 (remix) ft. La’nette Searcy

OPUS 88 (remix) ft. La’nette Searcy

The vocals of Dannis Winston are incredibly charismatic almost persuading listeners to fall under the spell his warm and confident singing creates. His incredible vocal talent is only matched by his featured vocal partner La’netta Searcy whose voice is filled to the brim with a full and engaging timbre that creates a commanding, but relaxed sound. The two individual vocals complement each other magnificently creating a rich song filled with harmony.

OPUS 88 certainly illustrates the impressive songwriting talent of Dannis Winston. The song tells a story of the ups and downs of a lovers relationship with a sensual beat that matches the mood. The story is told through complimentary lyrics that illustrate both partners point of view. Winston crows, “You are someone I just can’t lose. Loving you, I did not choose, but I feel like this is slipping through my hands,” followed by Searcy singing her truth with the corresponding lyrics, “Over and over and over I try. Over and over again we fight. When do I get the chance to see if healing is meant to be?”

The rhythm of this song is another shining light in an already very bright piece. It engages listeners right off the bat establishing a consist flow to the track. The rhythm hypnotizes you and before you know it your head is nodding and your hips are swaying to cadence of the tune. The rhythm is supported by the instrumental variety that helps make the song even more distinctive.

The balance of the track is a true illustration of Winston’s production genius. At no point does any aspect overpower another. Every tiny piece of this song fits together like a perfect puzzle creating a picture worthy of a thousand praises.

OPUS 88 by Dannis Winston is a monument to Winston’s talent in a multitude of different roles. He absolutely shines as a vocalists, his lyrics are the pinnacle of originality, and his production quality is extraordinary. This track truly has it all and with the genius showcased on this song alone, expect more great tracks from Dannis Winston in the future.

Bio: Jamaica Queens born Dannis Winston is a multi-genre vocalist, bandleader, producer and songwriter. Winston’s music has been compared to Stevie Wonder, Donny Hathaway, Curtis Mayfield, Nina Simone, Prince and David Bowie. His music journey began in church where he played piano, drums and led the choir as a teenager in South Florida. He then went on to work as a vocalist and musical director with his own cover bands in private events where he learned to perform rock, hip hop, country and pop music. Since then he has helped build established music divisions for private event agencies through his skills as a bandleader. During his development of bands, he began producing and composing original material. In January 2016 Winston released his first single ‘Let me Go’ to favorable reviews online and later in September 2016 continuing to release his ‘Master Class EP’ to critical acclaim.



Twitter: @Dannismusic


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